Sisterhood Empowerment Circle

Welcome to the Sisterhood Empowerment Circle (Ghana)

A supportive space to unite Sisters with a common purpose that enhances personal, social and professional development.

Sisterhood discussions, creative activities, life coach support, business/community pitch, wellness and fun. Also trips & adventures to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. 

The Sisterhood WhatsApp Group is set up to elevate discussions with themed topics, personal development and to promote meet-ups.

The Sisterhood Empowerment Circle
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Saturday 21st March: Discussion: What is Sisterhood and Define Self-Love.
Activity: 7 Self-Love Tasks

Saturday 18th April:   Discussion: Relationship with Money. Activity: Prosperity Game.
Saturday 25th April: Discussion: Increasing Sources of Income.
Saturday 9th May: Discussion: Online Marketing
Saturday 16th May: Discussion: Creative Corner: Boost & Boast.
Saturday 6th June: Discussion: Creative Corner: Skills Update
Saturday 18th July: Workshop: Empowerment, Unity, Affirmations.  @ The Canvas
Saturday 1st August: Discussion: Love of  Food
Saturday 15th August: Social Meet-Up
Saturday 5th September: Discussion:
Ghana Home
Saturday 19th September: Tour: Library of African & the African Diaspora
Sunday 22nd November: Trip: Boti Falls
Saturday 6th February 2021: Workshop: Drum & Dance
Sunday 7th February 2021: Trip: Titanic Beach
Friday 17th September 2021: Meet-up: Akwaaba Brunch (SEC Accra) Blog: Akwaaba Brunch
Thursday 21st October 2021: Meet-up: I Am Amazing
Saturday 4th December 2021: Meet-up: Life’s a Beach
Monday 3rd January 2022: New Beginnings: Movenpick
Saturday 5th March: Go Girl Wellness: Movenpick
Wednesday 16th March: Ghanaversary: Dimaensa
Weekend 26th/27th March: Aries Birthday Celebrations
Wednesday 13th April: Celebrate Pearls Award
Saturday 30th April: Garden Party: UN office
Tuesday 23rd August: Accra City Bus Tour
Saturday 17th September: Sisterhood Anniversary
Tuesday 4th October: The Woman King
Saturday 15th October: GUBA Diaspora Network Anniversary
10th November: Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever
Sunday 20th November: Rhythms on the Runway
Friday 9th December: Sahara Sunset
10th December: Hear Word


Every Wednesday: Wellness Wednesday
1st or 3rd Saturday: Chat on the Mat: Arts & Craft Market




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Sisterhood Info Poster update


Winifred Adjei is a Life & Leadership Coach and the Managing Director of WA Coaching. She professionally trained as a Life Coach in 2016. An avid member of the Association of Coaching International (since 2016), a Co-founder of the Mastermind Group Accra, and a proud member of Toastmasters International Ghana/UK.
Winifred believes we are all leaders. However, she understands in order to be a great leader, we must first be able to lead ourselves. Winifred coaches women to live the life they desire – by defining their goals, developing a mindset for success, and creating an action plan to reach their Goals.



We all need that break – a day off, deserve that special treat, self-love rejuvenation, body pampering. Throughout the year we shall partake in Day Outing, Discovery Trips and Adventures – or to just chill out at a relaxing spot.