February 24, 2021
February 9, 2022

Akwaaba Brunch

11 Sisters came together to embrace their journey from UK to Ghana for an Akwaaba Brunch at Fait Maison in Dzorwulu, Accra. The Sisterhood Empowerment Circle was made up with the ‘just come’ this year and up to the ‘15yrs and counting’ of professions in tech, education, tourism, hospitality, fitness, wellbeing and business entrepreneurship. A productive and fun day sharing skills, chit chat and fun whilst brunching.

Usually brunch takes place in the late hours of the morning between 10am – 12pm. A combination of late breakfast and early lunch dining, with a serving of sweet and savoury food. The word Brunch is said to of originated in England in the late 19th century. A portmanteau of breakfast and lunch.

I have been in Ghana for 3.5 years and have been fortunate to meet some amazing sisters throughout my journey. Recently many sisters from UK have taken the opportunity to reach across the ocean to Ghana to pursue career, explore or just live life. However, many sisters have done this solo. Therefore, I felt it a good idea to put together an Akwaaba brunch for these Sisters.

I proposed 2 menus so to cater for the non meat eaters at an affordable price. They say brunch is between 10am – 12pm – however with Ghana time that could be any duration as we started chopping after 12pm. The food was really nice and just the right amount because by this time we were hungry, like breaking a fast from the night before. Oh and the fresh pineapple juice quench the thirst – Ghana pineapples have not let me down.

Rum Shots
We sat in the garden under a canopy to escape the potential rain as the grey clouds hovered in the sky, but that did not bother us as the temperature was just right.

Well brunch can be what you wish/want right?
So fortunate to have amongst us a Sister called Pearl Hansan chief distiller of Black Jack (@black_jack_gh) spiced rum with vanilla and spices and a bottled drink called Sahara Solace @saharasolace) butterscotch schnapps flavoured with liquor. – So shots all round hey. It tastes soooo nice. I couldn’t just help myself to the rum, so I gifted everyone with 1 rum pack.

Fun & Games
Eugenia Tachie-Menson (CEO of Young Educators Foundation that initiates the Ghana National Spelling Bee – www.thespellingbeegh.org) introduced us to a traditional stone passing game that’s played in a circle – Sansa Kroma. The aim of the game was whilst singing the song is to move the stone at the same time/beat and place in front of the person next to you. Oh but we used mobile phones (don’t ask). Eugenia sang Sansan Kroma meaning Roaming Hawk in Twi Akan language. But as she sang faster, so did the passing of the phones. The aim of the game is to ensure you only have one rock in front of you to avoid elimination. We had fun and no broken phones.

Fait Maison
A French translation meaning ‘Home Made’ is owned by Afia Biney from the UK. She took up the opportunity to open the restaurant catering in traditional and authentic food. When you walk inside a ray of English teas, sets and jars of pick and mix for sweet lovers are irresistible.

Sharing is Caring
One rule for this brunch was to embrace the highlights of what like about Ghana as rather than just point out the faults. It was nice to reminisce with likeminded sisters about what we miss in the UK, what left behind – such as family and what don’t miss and can live without. So many similarities shared that I could relate to a UK to Ghana experience.

I am blessed to belong to a few supportive networks that have assisted on my journey in Ghana and look forward to the days ahead.

Bless Sister E (Naa Dzamah)

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  1. Lady AhnMahree Bey-Muhammad says:

    Excellent, this is what we need, after slaving away in the UKkk. Sisterhood, sincerity’s and love ❤️

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