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December 24, 2022
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January 20, 2023

Taste of Ghana

A two day free festival held in Black Star Square, Accra promoting Ghanaian Cultural heritage through arts, music, food and fashion –  3rd Edition.

The installations, array of arts and crafts, fashion and accessories, games area with young people playing ludo, aware, pool, table tennis, darts, aware table football which bought back memories when I used to play with my brothers – it seems that the colours red and blue teams have not changed. 


Cultural Performances from the Northern, Central and Volta regions were some of my highlights: (see my  IG or facebook page for video clips)

Agbadza dance evolved from Atrikpui war dance related to the Anlo Ewe people of southeastern Ghana

Agba = woven stretcher
dza = refers to pouring of libation for healing or treatment of injuries

Collectively known as ‘healing of the injured’. 

Kakamotobi (fancy dress) is a masquerade festival with marching bands held annually during Christmas to 1st January by the people of Winneba in the Central region of Ghana. 

Takai is a royal dance of the Dagbamba chiefs and princes performed at Damba festival, political rallies, and durbar of chiefs. Dance in a large circle, wearing smocks that flare when they swing round and stamp feet, striking rods to front and rear to the rhythm of the luna and gungon drums. 

Food and Drink was in abundance with so many delicious choices. But this time the Ga Kenkey and Okra stew displayed in coal pots was appealing. So, I took home to chop. 

The Fashion Show had some really nice designs but because it was night time, very hard to appreciate the intricate designs showcased under the low lights.

After a long day, I decided not to stay for the local artist performance, but watched at home via YouTube Live.

A nice event for all.

Bless Sister E

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