November 1, 2010


ABOUT – BACK TO OUR ROOTS  This is a platform dedicated to grassroots origins inspired by culture and traditions, hair and body care, mother earth, soul and […]
December 17, 2011


KWANZAA   Kwanza is a week long Pan African holiday/festivity of civilizing reaffirmation, honouring the culture and traditions people of African origin and their descendants worldwide.  […]
May 2, 2012

Afro Comb Day

THE ORIGINS OF THE AFRO COMB  – PROJECT   On Saturday 28th April, 2012 –  I took part in the Afro Comb Day which was co […]
February 11, 2019


African Culture and Wellness Festival – 2019.   The 5th edition of the African Culture and Wellness Festival (ACAWF) took place on Saturday 9th February at […]
November 29, 2019

Dis Be Ghana

Ghana Cultural Experience 2019 What was supposed to be a 2-hr journey from Accra turned into a 5 hr excursion – the taste of Ghana traffic […]