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September 5, 2022
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Sisterhood Celebration

Amazing women gathered to celebrate one year of the Sisterhood Empowerment Circle (Accra) on 17th September 2022. Many sisters from UK have come to Ghana solo and having a network is fundamental to transitioning period, mental health, cultural adjustment, general support and just getting through the hustle of Ghana life.  (The Sisters who were away on holiday or in the UK were missed – but there in spirit).

I Am Amazing
Within the year we have all been acquainted through our network portals and connected, shared information, and linked through wellness days, events, activities, family affairs, business and community initiatives.

So as an introduction we opened with a Sister Circle for all to express and acknowledge our amazing self through ‘I Am Amazing’ testimonies. 

Secret Sister
Well to be honest this was the Cruel Secret Sister or should I say politely Secret Sister with a twist – let me explain! Purchase a gift or obtain a regiftable item from home to the value of 20 cedis. Just wrap and bring to the celebration. Each person chose a piece of paper with a number and in numerical order could choose a gift. The first person is unlucky as they don’t get to swap with anyone – obviously. The person with the last number is the luckiest as they get to keep gift or swap with any of the other opened gifts. All I can say is there is love and war in every circle. The shea butter seemed to be the most gift that was swapped.  



The rest of the day we mingled, chit chat, chopped and played cards, board and local games. I had not played Oware in a long time, so this bought back memories.  We raised 156 cedis through our 10 cedis contribution towards a community/charity initiative. 

It was a day to remember with the Sisterhood at Ozzies Beach Palace in La, Accra – outdoor seating, chilling, overlooking the sea, with the sun shining. 

Looking forward to the next Sisterhood cycle.

Bless Sister E

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