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July 12, 2022
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Sip and Paint

You don’t have to be an artist to paint a picture at a Sip and Paint party. Just bring yourself, get ready to engage, follow instructions and ‘boom’ – you will definitely have a master piece of your own, ready to hang on the wall.

Lets Create
On a Sunday evening I headed down to Bliss Club House in Tema. It was a lovely day and the outdoor table setting professionally laid out by Sister Abena and Tafari the artist. Painting materials of different size brushes, paint pallet, towel, water, easel, canvas and not forgetting the complimented Wine selection or beverage that was included in the price (100 cedis). Sip and Paint have become a popular creative event for friends meet up, team building event or to network with other individuals whilst having fun. 

ABC – Apply, Blend and Create
Ummm was it that simple – well we were led by Tafari – a professional artist giving clear instructions at each brush stroke interval before moving to the next stage. Firstly, we had to wet the area of canvas where the paint would be applied.  

With a palette of white, black, green, yellow, blue, red and purple paint we had to select the colours to paint then blend. This took me back to art class at school when learning colour combination from the use of primary colours. Red and yellow = orange. Red and Blue = purple 

Tafari explained colour combination and even when you think you have made a mistake he found a way to overcome – as mistakes can create masterpieces. I had a few glitches, and water dripping moments. Tafari was very helpful and made time for each student, with patience and didn’t rush anyone. 

After a few hours the blank canvas had transformed – the trees, flowers, river and sun came to light. Three hours went by so quick with all the laughter, talking, singing and sipping. Some people were serious and  I am sure some people enjoyed the wine too much – Sip and Sip and Sip and Sip.

A memorable experience where I meet new people, unwind, had fun, and excelled my creative mind. Although I did not finish painting the flowers on the tree, I was satisfied with the end result. 

I am always seeing posters for sip and paint events and lovely images of students posing with their paintings. So, it was now my time to pose. Thanks to Tafari, Abena and all the participants for making the event fruitful. I now have a beautiful painting hanging on the wall in the dining area. 

Have you ever been to a Sip and Paint?
Bless Sister E

Meet the Artist – Tafari

Born and raised in Tema, Greater Accra.  Akan by tribe – Fante to be precise from the Central region of Ghana –  Abura Kwamankese .

How did you become interested in Art?
Through my ability to create something out of nothing, I encouraged and motivated my self with daily challenges of trying to be and do something different and be the best that I can be.  I put every thought into practice until I was able to bring my visions into reality, through all forms of creativity using textiles fresh and dry plants, empty tins, boxes, and some of my moms left over makeup, I natured my God given talent.

Where do you obtain inspiration?
I get inspired by people and things around me, situations and daily activities that occur. I love observing nature people and the movement of machinery. Type of pic/art I love painting.
I specialized in interior and exterior mural painting, ceiling art, and I love to paint nature abstract and portraits.

You are currently running Sip and Paint workshops. What will guests expect?

The creative Sip and Paint bring out the hidden creative abilities in oneself. The process of freeing your mind and allowing you to be thrilled by your inner ability will inspire you to create something you never thought about or could ever do. It helps you to accept your self with the perception of knowing that you are unique and everything you do is unique, and for that one should never compare themselves to others or underestimate the power of their inner abilities.

How can you be contacted?

IG:  @tafari_artworld
FB:   Mbrah Derick Nana
Twitter:  @TArtworld

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