February 8, 2023
Shai Hills
June 7, 2023

Northern Culture

Strength of Northern CultureThis is what we call culture:- celebrating and learning knowledge of the traditional practices and celebrations of the communities in the Upper East, Upper West, North East and the Northern Region of Ghana.
Theme: Projecting Northern Culture through art, music and dance.

Thank you to Abomah and Jerry Johnson (African Ancestral Wall ) in Ningo-Prampram for organising a day of wisdom, fun and ubuntu. 

We were graced by the presence of the Chief of Frafra – Nana Alhaji Abass Nyaava Akayezia who was led by a procession of musicians from the Kasa Yongo Troup and Zorko Drummers group.

Libation was poured to honour our Ancestors before the event commenced.
Presentations representing each northern region highlighted the customary practices, chieftaincy, enstoolment, marriage, food, wellness, music, lifestyle, history, festivals, beliefs and apparel. I took in so much information about Dagomba, Dagbani and Hausa culture that I will definitely plan to attend the Fire festival or Damba festival. 

I have visited Tamale and Savanna in Norther Region several times and through this event, have been inspired to visit the most northern regions in Ghana. Although I wasn’t feeling 100% well,  I am so glad I attended.

It was great to see a colourful display of talent and catch up with sisters and brothers from UK, US and Ghana. 

bless Sister E

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