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IKEA in Ghana

Recently I heard that IKEA in Tottenham had closed on 31st August 2022, which sparked a conversation with a friend who had been to IKEA in Ghana. Yesss!  you heard me, but don’t open your mouth too wide.

For readers that don’t knowIKEA is a Swedish-Dutch initiative based in the Netherlands that is known for its ready to assemble furniture, other household accessories and interior design services at reasonable prices. Now the IKEA franchise can be found around the world.

The one in Ghana is a small furniture shop located in the Asylum Down area, Accra. The shop is now called the Yellow Centre and stocks some IKEA goods as well as other brands from Turkey. IG: @the_yellow_centre 

Of course, it’s not the same shopping experience as when you go to IKEA in UK due to the size. When you visit a house, you can recognize certain items from IKEA.  I’m sure everyone has been to IKEA and purchased something they had to assemble for themselves. It was my go-to place for candles, glasses, frames, shelves, rugs, cushions and the odd plant. The Yellow Center stocks sofa, shelfs, drawer sets, chairs, desks, mirrors, small closets, sofas, beds and various accessories. However, it was not your average bargain store and prices were very high (imo). But they stock some very nice homeware. 

To have that IKEA feel it would need to be in a large open warehouse showcasing homes as they could be to the imagination of the shopper. But at least in UK the original store in Croydon and Wembley is still open. But here in Accra there are several household shops – a popular one is called Orca on Spintex Road.

Usually when shopping at IKEA in London you can spend several hours, and purchase something that you may not even need because it was a bargain. However, although we did not buy anything, I had a lovely day out with Esther.

bless Sister E

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