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Fish & Chips

Where can you go in Ghana for authentic fish and chips? – well at Captain Yaw in Osu, Accra of course. The taste, texture and smell reminded me of the dayz when we spent trips to the seaside in UK and lining up at the local fish & chip shop down the road – well I remember people saying ‘Im just poppin down to the chippy.

I wasn’t a fish and chips fanatic growing up in London, as in our African Home we ate mostly home cooked food from the pot. It was a lovely experience with friends, and we were not disappointed after we all finished a plate at Captain Yaw


Background –Londoners Natasha Osei who’s hometown is in Kumasi, husband Clinton John and brother Claude with Grenadian parentage, came together for an opportunity in Ghana in February 2020. Firstly, they had an idea to run a fish mongers but collectively came up with the idea to run a fish and Chip shop.

They set up business in a short period of time with sweat, determination, challenges and smiles – but their dream come true to live and put a stamp in Ghana where they launched in November 2021 – and have been successful ever since – especially with the Diaspora customers.

The Name – Natasha and Claude and both born on Thursday and in the Akan culture if born on Thursday called Yaw. Claude was given the nickname captain whilst growing up in the UK. So they fused the name together to call their business Captain Yaw. They are in a perfect location in Osu, Accra which is situated behind No1 hotel (oxford street) and total petrol station.

FB, IG @captianyaws
(00233) 550651994

(Natasha and Me)

On the Menu – Most of the ingredients are sourced from Ghana, and hopefully all in the future. I had Fish and chips 45 cedi but there is an option of larger portion for 75 cedi. Several options including chicken and mushroom or steak pies, sauces and drinks.

But they  have not forgotten about non meat eaters – Vegan options coming soon – so watch this space.

The Verdict- Scrumptious, especially with the vinegar and mushy peas.
So you will have to try for yourself if in Ghana, Accra or when visiting.

bless Sister E (Naa Dzamah)

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