October 18, 2020
Vibrant Vegans in Ghana
April 8, 2021

Boti Falls

Walking down 250 concrete steps surrounded by natural fauna – you have to stop not just to take a breather but to full-joy the stunning panoramic view, whilst listening to the echoing sounds of the waterfalls on approach, descending to a canyon of natural falling water.
That’s what 30 like-minded sisters (included members of Sisters Worldwide Connect) and brother enjoyed on Sunday 22nd November in Ghana. 

Boti falls is a twin waterfall located at Boti in Manya Krobo in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Boti falls takes its course from a river known locally as Ponmpon, found in the Huhunya forest. The falls are referred to mythically as male – on the left and smaller fall being the female on the right.

Being surrounded by nature and just immerging self in water is therapy.

According to the local folks, if you see a rainbow formed within the falls, this means the two have merged and are mating.

There was music, food and drink. We had so much fun reminiscing dancing and singing to old skool jams playing from a small beat box. The sun was shining, the people were chillin, children playing, nuff selfie pictures and video clips taken. Definitely worth the 250 steps down and up although I took my time with a few breaks and panting.

Boti falls is said to be the most visited place in the Eastern Region – and I can testify and see why. It has always been on my places to visit list and it did not disappoint. The day bought memories of the social outings back in the days in UK. Collecting people on the way, coolers full of hard food, jokes, laughter, drinks and old skool music playing all day.

I will return to visit Boti falls very soon (December 27th tbc if the falls are not dried up due to season). Will I have the stamina to conquer Umbrella Rock on the same day.

Bless Sister E (Naa Dzamah)

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