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October 24, 2022
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December 26, 2022

Aspaatere Festival

A 3 day festival promoting indigenous music, dance, customs, entertainment, performances, traditional food, drinks, artwork and aspects of Ghanaian culture, history, heritage and tradition. Highlights also included:- High-Life night, storytelling, street parade, quiz, art workshop. Regions of Ghana were celebrated over 3 days at the Efua Sutherland Childrens Park in Accra.

Aspaaterε is a Samai symbol of resilience to the Ga people of Ghana.

Meaning – All humans find themselves in different situations. Thus, everyone understands their own situation best. Self-awareness is essential for achieving one’s goals. 

Was nice to see Samai Ga symbols being sold on artwork.

OPENING CEREMONYAn entourage of chiefs, guest speakers, invited guests, queen mothers, dancers and drummers, dignitaries, entered the park in regal style.

Libation was poured and prayers spoken to honour the Ancestors and to ensure the festival is met with peace and to officially open the Aspaatere festival.

Speeches from Queens Mothers Council on the importance of female inclusion and to ensure traditions are taken seriously within the community and authority operations.

Speech from Chief Nii Ayi Okufoubor of Ngleshi Lafaa Mantse.

ENTERTAINMENT – The joyous display of culture with dancing and drumming are a must at Ghanaian events. 

FOODThe Ghana Traditional Caterers Association (GTCA) did not play when it came to indigenous food. Especially being prepared in front of your eyes and smelling sweet. Plenty of pounding. So much variety to be spoilt for choice. I was drawn towards the Ewe food stand. I was hungry so with no hesitation as soon as Aunty Becky lifted the pot lid – I was sold on chopping Abolo and Kontomire stew. Abolo is a staple food consumed by the Ewe people in southern Ghana

Abolo – a gluten free, sweetly slightly sour steamed dumpling. Prepared by combining sugar and water to ground corn to form a dough. The dough is left overnight to rise, then wrapped in corn husks then steamed or baked – but tastes similar.

With my fingers ready for the delights I chopped oooo – just leaving the fish bones. It was delicious that I even took a pack home. 

VENDORS – Mainly food vendors but also a few selling artefacts.  

CHILLINFor the rest of the day we sat down and chilled and gossip until the sky night appeared. The High-Life and Hip-Life sounds blasting from the speakers moved the hips in the chair. I was so hot and lazy that I couldn’t be bothered to get up, plus my left foot was swollen (not enough water).

It was great to catch up with Louise, Ivy and Emmanuel.

Lets continue to define, preserve and promote culture.

Bless Sister E

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