Peace Museum
June 29, 2023
Banana Island
September 13, 2023

Anunsah Family Day

With bags packed of snacks, swimwear, and refreshments we set off to grace the streets of Accra. It was a fun but long family day which tired us all out. We took lots of pictures and videos at the festival and beach for memories. 

Magneto Motherland – the theme for Chale Wote Streeet Arts Festival 2023, 21st-27th August showcasing street art, fashion, films, music, creative talent and performances. This is the 13th edition which previously took part in James Town, but this year moved to Osu Castle Park and Independence Square.

The artwork never disappoints, the work and creative eye is spectacular.

At the freedom and Justice Arch we took the stairs to the top to see 360 degrees of Blac Star Square and beyond. 

We then made our way to Laboma Beach in La, which was only 15mins drive from Independence Sq. There was lots of people at the beach enjoying, riding horses and chillin. We had a great time laughing, eating, joking, dipping feet in sea and collecting shells. 

As the children wished to return to Chale Wote, we headed back where the stage was set showcasing live performances. We jammed for a few hours with friends then headed to Osu to end the day enjoying several flavours of ice cream. 

A great family day out with the Anunsah Juniors.
Bless Sister E

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