July 9, 2020
Kpekple – Homowo Festival Food
September 2, 2020

Yeyeeye (Twin Festival)

Yeyeeye or Akwele Suma is a celebration of fertility and twin blessings. Twins from the Ga Mashie communities dress identically mainly in white and parade in the streets of James Town on a Friday (14th 2020) in August on the eve of the annual Homowo Festival.

(image credit F2FAfrica)

Twins are often covered with white clay which signifies victory, purity, joy and longevity. Also known as the Twin Yam festival – so the twins will eat Otɔ/eto mashed yam with palm oil . Also cut up Yam is placed at all entry and exit points of the shrine to invoke the benevolent spirits to the ceremony. 

(image credit – Samuel Nortey)

Sacred Bath
One of the rituals for the Yeyeeye Festival is the preparation of a special bath concoction (baawoo), which contains herbs to cleanse from any misfortune. Traditionally, the Nai Wulomo (chief priest) dressed in white prepares the baawoo before the various twin houses –  seeking permission on behalf of all twins of the traditional area from the gods. The baawoo consists of 7 Herbs:ntonme, hii abaa, nyanyara, adibli, adwere, tsalai and too lilei. mixed with seawater, schnapps and egg in a traditional bowl called tsese.

(image of baawoo. credit: chalewote)

The Nai Wulomo will firstly purify himself with the baawoo to honour the spirits of the twins, imbeds confidence, self fulfilment, peace, financial wealth and wellbeing. Then recites prays and pours libation and expresses words to the spirits and gods.
With the response from the audience Hiao!,Hiao!, Hiao! Which means “May it be so”.

The twins will cleanse with the baawoo and the tsese with the remnants inside will be carried in the street procession followed by the twins.

(image credit Sheikh Mustapha Watson-Quart)


(image credit: graphic.com Hadiza Nuhhu-Billa Quansa)

keeping our culture and customary practices alive

bless Sister E (Naa Dzamah)

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