We co-ordinate a variety of social, traditional and practical workshops that are designed to be educational, creative, empowering and fun for everyone to interact in a warm and friendly atmosphere. We utilise self, local and international knowledge to pass on skills and information.

OUR WORKSHOPS‘Lets Get Creative’


The workshop will consist of an interactive and practical session whether you’re a novice or beginner, you will be guided with a step by step demonstration of different styles and techniques of head wrapping. At our workshops there will be the opportunity to select from a vast collection of African print and vibrant material made of different textures and size. Come and endeavour, improve skills for practical and functional everyday wear or to enhance and compliment elegant attire and external beauty.


A warm and sacred space for women to self-express, manifest aspirations, enhance wellbeing, raise consciousness, promote productivity – whilst building supportive relationships within the sisterhood.


African drumming, dancing & singer is an important feature in the African community as a direct link to ancient traditions such as in healing ceremonies, rites of passage, ancestral worship, warrior rituals, births, marriage & funerals. The partaking in African culture, rhythm & music will not only connect you to tradition but can boost self esteem, develop key skills, team building practices in a fun inclusive space.
We work with an assembly of experienced artists drummers, dancers & singers, who tailor your workshop, event, ceremony or social activity to suit any occasion.


A workshop to formulate skin care, beauty treatments and remedies using natural ingredients that are without the harsh chemicals, toxins and preservatives. There are so many  hidden treasures in your kitchen, bathroom or garden that are common everyday items which can be fused together to contribute to your body care regime.  It is very important to use good quality products to get that glowing appearance and complexion.

UZIMA EXPO UK 2012 – 2014)

An all day event where the main objective is to empower women, men and children both in the UK and International to gain knowledge, skills, awareness and benefits of a Natural Holistic Lifestyle which incorporates:
Health & Wellbeing, Hair & Beauty, Fashion & Culture
Uzima Expo