February 17, 2020
Beet Break-Fast
May 4, 2020

What is Self-Love

The aim of the ‘Self Love’ session is to fall in love with self, to appreciate appearance inside and out – taking care of wellbeing – mind, body and soul. What makes you happy, how do you see yourself, treat yourself, what are your values and wellbeing of mind, body and soul. The first Sisterhood Empowerment Circle online discussion took place on Saturday 21st March

After a 3hour discussion I chose to concentrate on ‘Physical Wellbeing‘. I chose this because being on partial lockdown for this unforeseen time I’m sure to put on the extra pound/kilo. Going to the gym has never been a favourite activity for me. So in regards to exercise I combined walking within neighbourhood, dancing, and jogging round the compound or inside the house.

Well I even called the coconut man to the gate and was happy with coconut water filled in bottles from 10 coconuts. With the meat I made coconut bites, coconut milk, coconut cream to use in different combination of smoothies or porridge.

For the past 3.5 years on the First Friday of every month I do a 1day Juice Fast. It was great that after I shared my Self-Love Activity that 8 members also decided to join me, some even for more than 1 day. I now Juice Fast weekly.

I learnt about the benefits of Fonio and Yooyi. I was introduced to Fonio by my friend Mabena. Fonio is the smallest grain from the millet family – a superfood, healthy grain, gluten free and highly nutritious that has sustained rural West Africans for over 5,000 years. Fonio can be used as savoury or sweet dish. I have made fonio porriage once.
I chose Yooyi because I happen to have been sucking on the fruit all week as a sweet substitute. The leaf extract and bark have medicinal benefits for menstruation, malaria, oral hygiene and diarrhoea.


I really enjoyed Self-Love activities as it made me feel that I was looking after my physical wellbeing knowing that I had pledged. However not all the activities were achieved. The compound gets swept from dawn, so I went over it on day one, but decided not to thereafter. I will continue with most of the activities and add more – but unconsciously bring physical wellbeing as an important part of Self-Love. Looking forward to the face to face discussions in the future, to continue the Self-Love conversation in addition to the creative activity. 

ooo yeah, My simple easy to remember quote:-
‘I rise each day, walk, dance and jump to making my inside happy’.

If you are in Ghana and would like to join the Sisterhood Empowerment Circle contact 0241116519

So what do you do or say for Self-Love?

Bless Sister E

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