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July 26, 2022

Wellness Meet-Up

Go Girl Mega Wellness: Meet-Up
The month of March is dedicated to International Womens Month, so I should be chillin – right – with self-care treats? Well, who would of thought I would have been up at the crack of dawn, following instructions from wellness coaches, performing star jumps and working up a sweat from 7am. However, surrounded by Sisterhood and great atmosphere – it sure was worth it.


It was great to be part of the Go Girl Wellness Meet-up on Saturday 5th March, a free wellness event organised by Quality Insurance Company (QIC) Ltd. The luscious grounds at The Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra set the scene for the various wellness activities. Under the theme: Selfcare, Connect and Healing we endured: – Aerobics, Afrobeat Dance, Yoga, Meditation. 

Who told them to start with meditation, I was sooo chilled and relaxed to be woken from my deep thought? But the dance instructor motivated the crowd of at least 100 women (including young girls) with his loud and energetic voice which steered my body to get up, ready, set and goooo for any activity thrown my way. 

The sun was scorching and although provided with water we were advised to take just a sip.  It was lovely to meet up and share the morning with members of the Sisterhood (SEC Accra). We cheered each other on, made jokes, took selfies and had a great time.

The after workout breakfast was well earned, with fresh juice, beverages to quench the thirst and a selection of goodies that coming form Movenpick did not disappoint. As I have had their lunch buffet a few times. 

In addition, was testimonials about the QIC Go-Girl Policy and how they have benefited from being members. Benefits include courtesy car when under a claim, driving license and renewal facilitation, vehicle servicing as well as sufficient service during claims, pay-outs and client initiatives.

The wellness and healing workshop was facilitated by Olivia Mamle Donkor, aka Ariel the Wellness Coach. She delivered a enlightening presentation about work stress and how we can maintain a healthy working environment, so performance is outstanding and does not effect our mental and physical well-being.

By taking part in the Go Girl Wellness event gave me a kick start to getting back into doing some form of exercise. As one cannot just chop banku 3 times a week and expect to remain squeezing into the same clothes. Health is wealth, but include self-care.

Bless Sister E (Naa Dzamah)

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