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Volta Lake Boat Ride

Early rise to catch the bus departing at 6:30am from Accra Mall for a road trip to Akosombo, Eastern region of Ghana, in order to board the Dodi Princess boat for a cruise down the Volta River.

Cruise Boat -The first time I went on a Dodi Princess cruise was in 2011 when I hosted a group of 14 people form UK as part of my first Ghana Cultural Experience tour. We had a great time. However, in May 2012 the boat was destroyed by fire and all operations suspended, as beyond repair. In 2021, a new boat relaunched as Dodi Princess II  

Road Trip I usually go to a tourist site or adventurous place with friends, family or other tour guides, but this time a friend had travelled to Ghana for a holiday and I recommended a visit to the Volta River. So, we booked with Adansi Travel. 


On the way we stopped off at Adomi Bridge. An arc suspension bridge crossing 245 metres over the volta river at Akimpoku. Named after a village called Adome. 

Dodi World offers a voyage experience on board a 150 capacity pleasure boat called MV Dodi Princess II. On board entertainment with DJ, a live band, board games and lunch – with picturesque views of the mountains, banks, dam and natures pleasures. There is a choice of sunrise or sundown cruise.  

The Cruise – Volta Lake is the second largest man-made lake in the world. I have had the pleasure to travel on several different boats down the lake. The Dodi Princess II has 2 decks, which we sat at the bottom, where we chopped our lunch, gists and networked with local Ghanaians and visitors from South Africa. We also ventured on the upper deck to listen to the live band playing and singing.  The captain was celebrating his 49th year.

Dodi Island – We embarked at Dodi island for 30min break, where we were welcomed by children singing and dancing. There was not as much bush and trees as I had seen on my first trip to the island – They had been cut down, probably for fire wood and furniture. Some of the passengers chose to ride on the horse, camel or paddle boats. Dodi island is an 84 hectar island located about 3 miles off the shore of Lake Volta, with inhabitants who live a natural daily life. 

The atmosphere was great, were you could move around freely once the boat had set sail.  We arrived back to Accra late evening feeling tired but it was a memorable voyage that I recommend as a day out with friends and family.

Bless Sister E

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