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August 10, 2019

Vision Board Workshop

What is a Vision BoardA collage of images, pictures, words and colours representing a person’s wishes or goals, intended to serve as inspiration or motivation. Used as constant reminder of priorities to achieve in a set period

Strands of Pearls International
The Vision Board workshop took place at Sun Lodge Hotel and was organized by Edith Uyovbukerhi the CEO of Strands of Pearls International.

Strands of Pearls International is a platform for women to be able to lead a balanced life of relevance, impact, growth and leadership. It is for women interested in developing their potential and meet to share their knowledge and experience and promote their skill sets and businesses.

( Edith Uyovbukerhi )

feel free’ – We started the day with a warmup exercise to greet our fellow guests.

How are you feeling now or this week? As a table discussion we found we had many emotions in common: anxiety, happy, motivated, excited, ready to off load and connect. As well as being thrilled to make the most of the workshop, being optimistic, visualise goals and enjoy the journey. Edith reminded us of the commitment we should make to become better than yesterday or a minute ago.

Guest Speakers

The workshop was led by facilitators that provided personal experiences, coaching & tools to help turn our dreams into a visual representation. Our first speaker -Toyin Dania

What is resilience: the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.
Shared stories of being resilient and finding a coping mechanism as a way out. Reminding ourselves that it is not shameful to be vulnerable, ask for support when needed and learn to say no.

Wheel of Life: Used as a tool to explore where you are in life and where would like to be in future, and how to bring balance across the most common domains of living. Career, Health, Friends and family, Social, Love, Personal Development, Education, Spirituality.

When setting goals ensure they are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time, take baby steps as it’s a journey to work towards, prioritise and focus on goals. 

(Guest Speaker – Toyin Dania)

Power of Words – Guest Speaker – Fatima
Before creating a vision board we were asked to think about:
What is your selfish why:
What is your selfless why
What is your purpose
. If you left tomorrow what do you really wish to be remembered for.

Time lineWhat is your 2 years and 5 year vision

Create Your Vision – After a few hours of flicking through magazines, cutting words and pictures my vision board was created in a few hours as this time I was focused and finished before lunch. 


I based my Vision Board around supporting and hosting guests who come to visit Ghana through the Ghana Cultural Experience tours and for the people in my community. When I moved to Ghana I only packed African print wear and casual clothes for leisure and beach.  The bridge at the bottom, represents that I can have both worlds but ensure I have balance – ‘Work-Life’

10 Points to consider – Our final Guest Speaker was Benedicta Dodd who gave examples for each point based on her personal experience.

Do not stop
Be flexible
It is possible
Believe in people who bought you here
Have faith

Our Future Mapped – Since being in Ghana this is my 3rd vision Board workshop attended. It was an enjoyable day amongst women whilst mapping out future dreams/goals. The only negative for me was the room was cold – if you know me well, I don’t like A/C. 

I utilize tools learnt that assisted in creating new ideas. I will use vision board as a visual piece of art to motivate towards achieving new goal, to focus on for the next 12months – watch this space.

What is Your Vision?

bless Sister E

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