Highlights of 2018
January 1, 2019
Meet & Greet
February 1, 2019

Vision Board Party

Strolling down a long road in the hot sun on a Saturday afternoon with a clear mind to a Vision Party.  On entering the door I was met with a smile by hosts Bridget of Womens Corner (https://www.instagram.com/womenscorner.gh/) and Amma  of Afropole (http://www.theafropole.com/)

A creative space was set at the Dann residence in East Legon (https://thedannresidence.wordpress.com/)
Being one of the first to arrive I got to greet everyone that came through the door – African women from around the globe – even Australia. In a space of 30mins was surrounded by 25 empowered sisters ready to inject our goals.

Before we commenced the activities, we were tranquilized by Babs – a Yoga teacher and wellness coach. (http://adinkra.yoga/) She led us through a short visualisation, starting with a typical day in the present – and then looking to a year from now to see what a typical day would be like, had we achieved our goals, dream and aspirations.

So the cool calm and tranquil space was set for the rest of the day.

VISION BOARD – What does this mean to me?
*picturesque story showing a goal I wish to achieve
*imaginative visual plan

A booklet by Susannah Conway, which is divided into sets of questions to help you put thoughts, feelings, hopes in a written format. From Unravelling the year behind – 2018, to unravelling the year ahead to mapping a plan for 2019. But you have to be ready and open with your self to use the book as a guidance tool for the year ahead. I did 3 of the exercises from the book.
Think of a word for 2018 (I thought of Transformation)

Describe favourite day, moment or occasion of 2018.
I had to think about what I was looking forward to for 2019, life lessons, what I want to develop, and self-wish to nurture. There are many exercises in this booklet, so will go through at my own pace whilst sitting in a quiet space and a clear mind.

Amma went through her fantastic vision board which highlighted her hopes and dreams. She even spoke about law of attraction – in regards to attracting a partner.
I was given the opportunity to explain a Vision Board that I created in 2014 –  (I had to delve into one of my packed barrels). The vision board was about Destination – I explained how I created a collage for a goal ‘a journey from UK to Ghana’ – which had manifested into the present.

The atmosphere in the room transformed to an arts and crafts affair. Flipping through magazines, getting caught up reading articles, concentration, conversation, cutting, arranging and sticking.
This time my vision was about living life through adventure – which I have already started to do – but with no timeframe set as per usual – as this adventure has to be eternal. I would be daft if I wanted this to stop because of a set date. This will coincide with my journey in Ghana whilst rediscovering of Self.

To end the day we were gifted with a plant – which represented growth. (I totally forgot the name of the plant – so will update once discovered)

 I departed the Vision Board party on a high, being uplifted and empowered by a room full of women with expectations and future aspirations.

Have you created a Vision Board? – So why not see a life goal transpire through a Vision Board.

Bless Sister E

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