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Vibrant Vegans in Ghana

When I say to people, ‘I don’t eat meat’, they automatically think I am a vegetarian and wonder how I will survive in Ghana. Well I don’t label myself a vegetarian as I typically eat what I wish (except meat) but am aware of the benefits and do incorporate at least 95% of a plant-based diet for the past 25yrs for my wellbeing. More people are looking at alternative health benefits, due to health reasons, education, lifestyle change, ethical reasons and choice. For the past few years I have been attending the Vibrant Vegan Society of Ghana monthly events in Accra.

VVESOG Founder
The VVESOG was established in 2016 their motto: ‘Preserving Self, Preserving Humanity‘ by Dr Doe K. S. Nyamadi to increase awareness and advocacy of a vegan lifestyle. He began his vegan journey 13yrs ago and as a vegetarian 5yrs prior. The main reasons being purely ethical in regards to animal and the environment. Born and raised in Anloga-Keta in the Volta Region already held strict dietary rules such as not eating pork, certain seafood, so his vegan lifestyle choice was welcomed by his family and friends. The main challenges were unavailability or limited vegan restaurants and products. His favourite food is cooked ripe plantain with amadetsi. 

Each month there are guest speakers on health, wellbeing, exercise, food and nutrition, natural food substances, and the serving of free vegan cooked food.

Event Presenters (13/02/2021)
My vegan journey so far – Ama Kambon. 13 yrs vegan chef, animator and youthpreneur. Uses garden at home where she has planted pepper, garden egg, ginger, aloe vera, plantain and moringa. Has not eaten meat before as family are all vegans. Has established a vegan restaurant preparing made to order Ghanaian dishes vegan style.

(Ama Kambon)

Sophia Ewuradwoa Amoo-Gottfried is a Business data analyst and part time vegan chef. Strictly vegan for 4yrs and is passionate about cooking. Also runs a vegan catering business in Accra called Health Kitchen.

(Sophia Ewuradwoa Amoo-Gottfried)

Maura Ntow is a Clinical Psychologist at Ridge Regional Hospital. Loves to research, health and wellbeing. Help children with special needs and Encourages all to live healthy. Her presentation concentrated on Emotional Health.

(Maura Ntow)

Music and performance by Miish3 band accompanied with Kwame on Xylophone and Nana
Yaa on the harp.

Health Awareness 
I have noticed the number of health-conscious people has grown in Ghana. This has also contributed to the many alternatives food and drink options at restaurants, chop bars, hotels, shops, events that have considered catering for those who don’t eat flesh. Also vegetarian restaurants (see Tatale ). The ingredients such as nuts, flours, vegan substitutes are still quite pricey.
However, many Ghanaian dishes are prepared without flesh and I of course enjoy one of my favourite dishes is RedRed: simply just cooked beans, seasoning, onions and mixed with fried onions, seasoning with palm oil sprinkled with gari (ground cassava) and served with fried ripe plantain.

‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’

Bless Sister E (Naa Dzamah)


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