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May 30, 2012
African Fashion Week London
September 16, 2012

UZIMA Expo – 2012

UZIMA –(oo-zee-mah) is a Swahili phrase meaning – springs of life, energetic, vitality, wholeness, healthiness and wellbeing.

UZIMA: The Natural Holistic Expo on Saturday 28th July 2012 

After months of planning the day had come (yeah!), UZIMA – a dream that turned to reality with months of planning with Michelle of Naturally Nubian. Give thanks that the sun was shining throughout the whole day.

I was greeted in red lion square by Rainforest Creations waiting patiently. As we entered within minutes his staff transformed the foyer area in to a haven or colourful food that looked like a sculptured pictured. The food looked so awesome and tasted nice.

 Prior to the event I remember going through the programme telling myself which workshops/activities I will go to, but that definitely did not happen. After the Locs maintenance workshop I found Mr Roots with an extended hair salon in the corridor where people gathered round watching him create and pin up a sisters locks, and made it looks so easy. You would of thought as being a Ghanaian I would be an expert at Azonto but I wanted to go to my first class just, but I even missed that, but I caught a glimpse of Mashufaa Arts in action which was breathtaking and artful. (edited video footage of workshops coming soon)


Thank you to all the sisters who facilitated the raw food workshop we are eternally grateful for portraying their knowledge. With the help of Katishia we manage to tranquil the therapy room with purple and white voile which stayed up with the loads of masking tape and later during the childrens zone she wowed  us with an amazing hula hoop skills.

We bought Africa to Holborn with the rhythm of the drums as the beats echoed through the main hall connecting the African Market scenery. The exhibitors lightened up the wooden hall with their creative artwork, African print bright coloured designs and fresh aroma from natural and scented products.


In the evening the main hall was transformed into a theatre style setting where we witnessed the talent of performance from poets, singers, drummers, dancers, acrobats, and comedy from our host. The fashion show by Dre Designs and natural hair showcase wowed the audiance with creations by Carol and Bespoke M&H



Thank u for all the warm contributions and feedback, abundance of photos and for recognising and stopping me in the street and at other events. Treasures of friendships new and old acquaintances where supportive and a pleasure to be amongst which lifted me up with laughter. The aim to raise money and awareness for the Sickle Cell Society was achieved.

Although running up and down on the day I felt a presence of positive energy surrounded by fun, unification and good vibes. So give thanks to my spiritual guidance that gave me the strength and determination to co-ordinate a full days (11hrs) celebration event that raised a holistic awareness to all our guest that attended…. to a safe and peaceful event. 

      See you next year at UZIMA Expo – 2013


Note: Video Footage and photos will be uploaded to Uzima website shortly. www.uzimaexpo.co.uk



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