Day of the Goddess
April 24, 2013
Art Exhibition at 639
May 22, 2013

The Black Market

The Black Market & Film Festival 2013
On Saturday 6th April I made my way to Platanos College in Stockwell to exhibit my goods and support The Black Market and Film Festival, which was organised by Black History Studies.

The event was scheduled to start at 12pm with 4 film screenings including Q&A and finish at 9pm. I knew it was going to be a long day and planned to have porridge to carry me through the morning – but this did not happen, as I was running late and needed to arrive by 11am to set up my stall.

Pattie Nice – I had a vegetable Jamaican Pattie early afternoon which was nice. By early evening my stomach was rumbling, so I decided to get some hard food, but I was told ‘food dun’. WHAT? I couldn’t believe it as I heard the food was nice – next time i’m gonna make sure Mark reserves me a special plate. Well its better than food being wasted. I was lucky to find a shop selling patties so I bought 2. When I got back to the college people were asking ‘Oh where u get de pattie and u didn’t even ask if we wanted anytin’. Well at least my stomach was satisfied.

Collective Economics – All the exhibitors were in the same room adjacent to the auditorium showing the film screenings with Q&A. I met some wonderful artistic  creators and purchased some lovely items: Three handpainted bookmarks (Azawla). Travel card holder (Bespoke Binny). Healing Herbs ( Fatima), Hair Scrunchies (House of Loulee), Customised Cards (Akiiki). Handmade cards (Nafasi). Two wall paintings of Ethiopian images.

I was fortunate to be interviewed by Sonia Scully about my business.


I hope you enjoyed watching and listening – dont forget to watch part 2&3 via utube.

I did really well in sales and give thanks to all my customers who supported the stall with collective economics and all friends who passed by to gist – Ketishia, Naomi, Patricia and many more.

Blessings – Sister E

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