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I wish to open a vegan restaurant in Ghana said Ben Asamani, the owner and chef of 222 a London based vegan cuisine – words spoken several years back 
Dreams do come true – Tatale Vegan restaurant opened in December 2019 in Osu, Accra. Offering plant based interpretations of African and International dishes.

The restaurant name will certainly be not forgotten in these Ghanaian streets as:
Tatale is a Ghanaian pancake made with over ripe plantain that is mashed, added to blended onion, pepper, ginger and combined with flour/cornmeal – then fried in oil.

Meet and Greet – great to meet up with Aisha and other members from Wellness Communiversity who were celebrating a 4th anniversary established by Dr Carnita Groves.

The wait was well worth it. The taste buds were not disappointed with the selection of a super sampler menu:
Quinoa Salad
Sweet Potato Pottage
Coconut Dhal
Bens Egusi
Banku with Almond Soup
Banana/Ginger Cake
accompanied with Carrot/ginger/apple, Sobolo and Spinach/cucumber/apple/lemon

I packed my own cutlery – why – well Grace a friend who visited Ghana last year always brought her own straw and cutlery to restaurants. Since then Grace has launched her website, workshops and cutlery set which is part of promoting ‘holistic sustainability for a better world’. I was grateful to be gifted with a set in December 2019.

Mabena has been on a vegetarian and healthy living lifestyle cook for the past 6yrs. She is currently a chef at Tatale and enjoys her work. We had firstly corresponded 2 yrs ago online sharing plant based food available in Ghana. Its amazing to see Mabena in her element.

“I am doing something I love doing that comes naturally, cooking healthy plant based meals. Giving chance to express self, meals and local drinks out there as a plant based alternative. Being an African in Ghana and still eat Ghanaian dishes that are healthy”.

 A delightful evening with good company, new friendships, laughs and jokes over delicious food.

I am not waiting for an occasion to make my way back to Tatale. If you are in Ghana please go and check out – you will not be disappointed even if you don’t eat meat/fish.

bless Sister E

Tatale Vegan Restaurant
Naa Amponsua street, Osu, Accra, Ghana

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  1. Glen says:

    Excellent food and a very relaxing atmosphere. The food was cooked to exceptional standards and the presentation was absolutely amazing .

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