July 22, 2021
Ackee – Ankye
December 21, 2021


A road trip to Takoradi to celebrate Winnie birthday (25th October). We travelled via VIP bus from Accra which took about 6 hours. We were so tired and not concentrating on the map that we actually missed our stop – who knows where we would have ended as we were travelling towards Ivory Coast boarders.

Secondi-Takoradi is 2 cities situated in the Western region of Ghana. For short it is called Tadi and due to the discovery of oil it is known as Oil City. With the best beaches in Ghana.

We back tracked en-route towards our destination via taxi, but the road we had to drive through was very dark, bumpy and between trees and farms. So to be on the safe side we decided to wait until it was daylight and checked out some hotels in the area and ended up at Busua beach resort.

The icing on the cake was to wake up to tranquil surroundings and Busua beach did not disappoint. Breakfast was from 7-10 and Winne insisted as it was her birthday that we sat there until they packed up.

Taking a stroll down the beach, dipping toes in the clear sea and chatting to locals. The view from the room was breath taking and the beach was so clean.

After a very relaxing day we took a taxi to Fanta Folly, had some food and sat around the bonfire until the last piece of wood burnt. The next day we headed back on our long journey to Accra.


Next time I hope to spend at least 1 week in Takoradi so to visit other areas and beach resorts. 

bless Sister E (Naa Dzamah)

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