July 13, 2013

Gambia Earthstrong

Gambia is a country in West Africa surrounded by Senegal, with a population of just under 1.7mil. The capital is called Banjul and the main languages […]
June 20, 2018

Earthstrong 2018

So I started earthday celebrations early this year – ummmm because I can. I tend to go on holiday away from the UK weather,  but as […]
June 22, 2019

Earthstrong Blessings – Benin

THE JOURNEY Due to the fascination of cultural beliefs, the spiritual connections, deities – Benin has always been a place I wished to visit. Whilst being […]
July 2, 2020

Earthstrong Kumasi 2020

Day 1 – Lets Go  For this years Earthstrong Celebrations I decided to go to the Asante region – because of limited travel movements as the […]
July 9, 2020


I was born on a Sunday, so as part of the Ga tradition every year choosing a Sunday nearest my birthdate 19th June it is customary […]
July 16, 2020

Tie and Dye

“Aaah! look at my cloth, so beautiful, Wow I am soooo happy” – is an understatement. I have always been attracted to Tie and Dye but […]