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May 31, 2020
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September 23, 2020

Strawberry Moon

Fasting, New Moon and Strawberries.
On Friday 5th June the moon light just passed through part of the Earths shadow called the penumbral lunar eclipse. Making the moon look as if it has a colourful pinkish to reddish tint known to Algonquin tribe as The Full Strawberry Moon. Europeans call it the Rose Moon. The June full Moon gets its name from Algonquin Native American tribes Northeast of USA – as it coincided with the time of year for harvesting ripe strawberries. The most visible moment of Friday’s eclipse can only be seen in the remote sea off the eastern coast of Madagascar, as the Earth comes to partially eclipse the sun. Staring around 6.45pm and will be at it’s peak at 7.26pm, visible until 6th June.

Lets Talk Strawberries
Since coming to Ghana, I have seen the price of a strawberry in the shop from 40 ghs
Every time I enter a supermarket and seeing strawberries I’m just starring at them, but my pocket is saying nope tooooo expensive, let me just stick to the pineapple or bananas.
So on breaking my fast at the time of the Strawberry Moon lunar eclipse – I said ‘why am I torturing myself’. Therefore in my journal I wrote – ‘Go and treat yourself to a box of strawberries’. Life is too short to be compromising on something that you like and deserve to have, especially as its your earthday month.

Do you often see something you wish for and want but decline because you compare prices? So easily done when you start to live in another country.

Bless Sister E

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