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Sisterhood Matters

On Saturday 7th April, I had the pleasure of attending the Sisterhood Matters event organised by Jemila founder of Circumspecte ( who has many attributes – Media, policy, consultant, writer and economist to name a few. The event took place in East Legon at the Soronko Academy founded by Regina (

I was accompanied by Joana founder of the luxurious Kegali Hotel in Dansoman, Accra ( As we arrived we were greeted at reception and chose a bag of beads to which a took green. Green=Hope. Grey=adaptability. Yellow=Positivity. Gold=Your Essence/Your Truth. The purpose of the beads was to exchange with someone you connected with who had a different colour so at the end of the day the beads could be strung into a bracelet. 

There was also an opportunity to have a headshot picture taken courtesy of Owula Kpakpo Photography, which can be used for a business profile. (I give thanks to the photographers for the wonderful images I used in this blog).

The event was split into 3 parts during 1-6:30pm: A learning segment (roundtable panel led discussion, small group sessions and a network session called Cirqmixer.

Host Jemila introduced us to the high calibre of 5 panel guest speakers: Otema Dzandu, Marcia Ashong, Golda Addo, Taeya Abdel-Majeed and Regina Honu arranging in the fields of engineering,  oil & gas service, policy, corporate banking & finance and technology.

I was very impressed and touched by the powerful testimonies, entrepreneurship, education, support, journeys of sisterhood relations, business disadvantages encountered and positive strives for success.
Question: ‘What does sisterhood mean to you’?
The main feedback I took note of was to:
*define and accept self
*protect your space
*have power relationships
*know and have your tribe

The second segment you had to choose 2 out of 4 sessions to attend.
Small Group Sessions:
1. Self Care, Beauty & Wellness with Evita Joseph Asare & Maabana Antwi
2. Navigating Business & Careers with Frances Marie Oduro & Marcia Ashong
3. Relationships – With Self & Others with Dr. Carol Mathias-O’chez & Maureen Atebawone
4. Productivity, Time Management & Personal Finance with Gloria Buckman Yankson & Taeya Abdel-Majeed

Although I wish I could of attended all 4, I attended session 1 & 2. During Session 2, I asked the question ‘What advice do you have for a newcomer who wishes to set up in Ghana?. The main answer was that first there must be dedication to remain for the long run and most of all the need to have ‘patience’.

Session 1 was very conversational. Evita Josesph the make-up artist made us laugh when she said she does not always where lots of make up all the time when she goes out and people wonder why. But she backed it up with – ‘you don’t see a doctor in church wearing his white gown and stethoscope’. She has been nominated for 4 different awards in regard to make-up/product/brand/blog – we wish her all the best. Evita Joseph topped the Ghana Make-Up Awards nominations
Also leading the session was Maabena founder of Fitvalution who organises walks, exercise bootcamps as well as advice on health and fitness. I was also pleased that she makes and sells green juices that can be delivered too. I asked about places to buy fresh organic produce and natural goods, was given a list of organisations to check out in Accra.

The last segment was outside called Cirqmixer where we got to network, chill, eat, drink and chat. As well as Ghanaians I also connected with returning Diasporas from usa and uk who have set up businesses in Ghana.

After the Instagram raffle, was the guests raffle that had some wonderful sponsored prizes. And guess what – I won a prize – a box of 5 lusciously smelling moisturisers made by Kaeme – which translates as Remember Me  in Twi language.  I have tried then all, made my skin smell delicious and shinny.

picture with Jemila – founder of Circumpecte

I was so impressed with the calibre of sisters mostly entrepreneurs and business heads that I learnt so much in such a short time. At the end of the day I went away feeling positive, connected and energised from my first sisterhood event in Ghana among at least 80 phenomenal Women.

I had fun and made some wonderful links during the Cirqmixer. We have already discussed arranging a day out and weekend away – which we all deserve. Give thanks to Jemila and her supportive team who coordinated such a great networking event.

Looking forward to the next #Sisterhood Matters event.
Check out further Circumspecte Sisterhood Matters images on facebook

bless Sister E

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