December 30, 2019
February 24, 2021

Sisterhood Affirmation

Informative, emotional, productive, enlightening and empowering day at the Sisterhood Empowerment Circle – as we reasoned together as one Sisterhood in a serene, safe and comfortable space called Canvas in Accra. United with sisters from Sierra Leone, Ghana, Jamaica and UK background.

The monthly workshop is scheduled to take place on 3rd Saturday of every month. I initially planned the 12months session when I first arrived in Ghana 2018. I enjoyed sister circles in UK and thought it would be a great idea to incorporate into my Ghanaian lifestyle. I wanted to coordinate a support network but not only a talking space but include creative activity and wellbeing. In 2019, I spoke to Awusi owner of the Canvas about my workshop plan. Initially launched on March 21st 2020 with 23 members, but due to CV protocols we commenced conversing via WhatsAapp in the interim, with topical discussions every 2 weeks.

On Saturday we commence with a lively reasoning session about What is Sisterhood, how can we empower each other and unit to reach a common goal and personal aspirations. 

A supportive platform to unite sisters together in a love-joy/open space to map journey, empower self and manifest aspirations. To gather in a safe, warm and comfortable space to have a sense of belonging, common purpose, social and spiritual connections that uplifts consciousness.

As part of my daily routine I speak Affirmations. So incorporated Affirmations and making Affirmation Cards as the first activity. 
Affirmations are a short brief statement, declaration and confirming that the statement is already true, in existence or on its way to becoming true.  Using positive words, thoughts, description to express affection, praise, appreciation. In our Sisterhood journals we wrote 10 affirmations commencing with I AM,  and in a unity circle we vocalised our affirmations. Thereafter, had creative fun making affirmation cards –  one card to keep and the other to give to someone known or unknown.

 Positive Affirmation
*A positive energy to start the day
*Overcome negative thoughts
More effective when practiced daily.

*Can affect the conscious and unconscious mind.
*Healing, purpose, abundance & motivation
*Reminder to stay focused on goals, solutions to challenges & obstacles
*Creative high vibrations for happiness, joy, appreciation, gratitude
*Law of attraction

 Mabena has been a vegan for 8 years, she currently works as Head Chef at Tatale vegan restaurant in Osu. As a last minute request she prepared a delicious healthy lunch with colourful vegetables topped with dressings. Our thirst was quenched from refreshing juice from Fatmata. Ginger and lemongrass, watermelon, mango.

(Mabena: vegan lunch)

(Fatmata Kezia Lyne juices: mango, ginger/lemongrass & melon juice)

Community and Business Pitch
Our talks were very informative and community based, so please support whether via donations, volunteering, referring, sponsoring or advocacy. I shall be interviewing each pitcher in the near future for a featured blog post.

(Winnie Adjei founder of WAF)

Charity by Winnie. W. A. Foundation (W.A.F). Food and Hygiene bank starting with venerable families in Gbawe that launches in August 2020. (Email:

Business by Fatmata. An entrepreneur who sold juices to finance her studnet life. The passion led to launch KezVital – home-made juices. (Email:, 0265614165)

Health by Dzifa. Fashion of Purpose Africa advocates for womens health, safe drinking water and School Uniforms. (FB IG lamisigh)

If you are living in Ghana and wish to know more about our up and coming Sisterhood Empowerment Circle workshops, trips and discussions – then please check out:

Bless Sister E (Naa Dzamah)

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