Greetings and welcome to The Calabash Hub. I am a culturepreneur and proud Ghanaian who was blessed with the name Naa Dzamah Pobee but my friends call me Sister E. I graduated in 2009 with BA (Hons) in Youth and Community Studies and am an advocate for youth empowerment, culture and come-unity that’s why The Calabash Hub was established.

I promote the wealth and knowledge of traditional Africa – promoting bags, accessories, apparel, headwraps, jewellery and natural cosmetics that is sourced from Ghana. ‘Because we understand ….African Abundance’


I used to be a single braid or twist junkie as apart from being able to change hair styles depending on mood, it was a useful get up and go creation. I have since then been parading with an afro as a proud naturalite. I am blessed with an abundance of African print head wraps which I wear as my crown that were acquired mainly from Ghana.  ‘glow with the fro’

Style and Fashion

I remember whilst growing up in London when I had to wear African attire to family functions, Ghana independence, Homowo festival, outdourings. But now I tend to wear my African attire when I go out for whatever reason. I’ve been blessed with returning home – so that my seamstress can create masterpieces to suit my African curves – because one size does not fit all’

Come and Chop

As far as I know meat has not passed my lips for 30 years. One of my favourite Ghanaian dishes is Banku, Kenkey, Kontomire with hot hot pepper – on paper its just words, but on the plate – ummm – my hands become my knife and fork. But But…. I know ……There comes a time when one must downgrade the portions and take time with our choices. ‘Make banku, not war’

Hello Moma Africa

I am grateful for the spirit of Mother Nature that has blessed the earth with the richness of natural oils and minerals. I co-ordinate cultural adventures to several regions in Ghana for that ‘grass-roots experience. ‘Sharing heritage’

The Journey

My ambition in life is to relax at home, sit under a tropical tree wearing my African attire, quenching freshly made juice with the sea breeze blowing through my ‘fro, and giving thanks. ‘mind, body and soul.’

‘A natural revolution – going back to our roots – the journey continues’

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