Mandela Exhibition
April 18, 2019
Earthstrong Blessings – Benin
June 22, 2019

Remember The Times

An exhibition to showcase how Ghana’s cultures are woven into the cultures of other nations and has enriched parts of the world. This initiative will be staged in October in Accra, Ghana during UK Black History Month. It is also envisaged to take place in UK in the near future.

– focus on showing the global reach that Ghanaian traditions, cultural practices and folklore have played outside the country.

– feature images of people, places and infrastructure of the past, which will be displayed as a gallery.

– provide informative workshops, giving visitors the opportunity to hear from experts and historians and is designed to bring more fact and context behind Ghanaian history, identity and migration.

Please donate for this event to come alive:

Interested in sponsoring, participating or collaborate to assist organising this event, a researcher or historian then please contact us for more information

Naa Dzamah  (Sister E)
Tele: (00233) 024 1116519

Kirsty Osei-Bempong (Abena)
MisBeee Writes

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