January 21, 2011
June 13, 2011


THE CALABASH HUB – Anniversary



THE CALABASH HUB meetup was officially 1yr old on 28th April 2011.  In recognition of this milestone we celebrated the occasion at Cottons Bar and Restaurant in Islington. We were joined by members, friends and those travelling to Ghana in Nov. Although the table was booked for 6:30pm we all arrived at different times and some of us were fortunate to get a few cocktails as part of happy hour. The set menu had a vast number of delightful Caribbean dishes that filled our bellies – some more thatn others, whilst conversing and listening to soul and rare groove tunes that have not heard from time.

Meetups Give Thanks

We raised our glasses (most empty) in recognition of our past, present and future aspirations, education, determination, commitment and support to everyone and those who were unable to join us. During the year we have advertised and participated in a combination of meetups, where people have made new friends, learnt new skills, become cultural aware and have had fun. Opportunity to unify together that educates and inspires to learn about culture. We are looking ahead to many more years of new ventures, greater knowledge but importantly to share the wisdom acquired.


Rhum Shack

After saying farewell to those who had to depart we continued the conversations and celebrations downstairs in Cottons at the Rhum Shack. Tropical scenery awaited us and the cocktail descriptions continued to test the taste buds. We were entertained on the dance floor from those who did not make it to Britain’s Got Talent. As the DJ entertained the crowd with 80’s & 90’s tracks, old school and reggae it seemed like a cross between Karaoke and a singing competition as there were screeches from all 4 corners. An excellent environment especially when the DJ played Candy by Cameo……some bumps here and there from the newbie’s who tried to pick up the sequence and timing of the steps.


Farewell  – At 11:30pm we strolled back upstairs, said our farewells (taking at least another 10mins) to make our way home.

An exciting and innovative year celebrated with a fun and memorable evening. We all look forward to another prosperous, educational, cultural and inspiring new adventures.



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