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August 6, 2022


The next celebration leading up to the Homowo Festival is Odadaa – the lifting of the ban on drumming and noise-making. Which has been observed in the Ga traditional areas in Greater Accra for the past month (10th โ€“ 9th June) where the air was purified, maize planted and prayers for peace and good harvest recited.

Traditionally the priests and priestesses, chiefs and elders, heads of organizations, flag bearers of the various political parties and celebrants gather at Odadaa tso shishi the ceremonial ground for the celebration, And Chiefs of the Ga Mashie quarters.

Ceremony is performed by the priesthood and a coterie of eminent elders who recite artistic prayers and pour libation, followed by beating of the sacred drums by the Gbese chief.

The Sakumo Wulomo (Priest of Sakumo) goes to the Nai We (Sea Priest family house) and blows a horn to signify to the Nai Wulomo that the people are gathered for the ceremony.

Within the courtyard are these artistic circles which symbolize spiritual protection. The two priests amongst other priests, priestesses and family heads gather around the circles whilst the two priest recite prayers and pour libation to ward off evil spirits and thank the Sovereign Lord Ataa Naa Nyonmo, divinities and ancestors for their protection

On completion of the ritual the Gbese Mantse (chief) beats the sacred drums 3 times to finally lift the ban on drumming and noise-making.

Homowo festival, is a celebration that ridicules the hunger that once plagued the Ga areas –ย  when the people arrived at their present settlement.
Takes place annually in August.

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