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November 9, 2012
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August 16, 2013

Nubia Pamper Day


On Sat 21st October I was invited by Michelle Yaa the creator of Nubia Pamper Day to style the guests with a chosen Head Wrap. After a long trek on the train to Colliers Wood which I have never been to before, I finally arrived at Johmard Community Centre to be greeted by Yaa. 

As I entered the main hall I was wowed by the transformation they had created, as all areas were utilised and decorated with sign cards, pictures, candles and fabric. The room was separated into different treatment areas: foot spa, facial, manicure, make up and head wrap/dress. There was even a side room with a massage table surrounded with candles and pictures on the wall. Each attendee was given a relaxation pack which consisted of a towel dress, hand & face towel, slippers and a nail kit.




The treatments available on the day was Pretty fingers manicure. Soothing Hands Massage. Dreamy facial. Delicate Hands Head Massage. Nubiance Make Over. Adorning the Empress Head wrap. Feet Softening Soda Soak. A bargain Black History Month celebration special price £35 for 2 treatments plus food and a raffle ticket. There were extra treatments at additional reasonable costs which included Pampered Foot Pedicure, Re-energising Foot Massage or Neck Back & Shoulder Massage.


We were given a short talk from Yaa about the day and thereafter meditated to relax our mind and soul to prepare us for the rest of the day. Yaa also makes her own natural skin and hair care products which were on sale during the day.

 We had a delicious lunch prepared by Yaa and other Nubia Pamper Sisters. This was a proper home cooked colourful vegetarian lunch African Caribbean style. All I can say is my taste buds and stomach were well satisfied and full. This was not a good idea to be stuffed as I was called to do a Head Wrap demonstration –  it would have been better if I had to do a ‘belly wrap’ instead.  

There were several sisters who chose Head Wrap as one of their treatments. The atmosphere throughout the day was really nice and relaxed having conversations with all the guests. I was called to have my first treatment which was a facial and I thoroughly enjoyed this as I always do this myself with my Kitchen Treasures. I was so relaxed that I did not want to come off from the massage table. In between Head Wrapping the guests I browsed through a selection of health and beauty books which were randomly spread over a table.


I also had a soda foot soak whilst jisting with my friend, and we even tried to persuade the male photographer to pamper us, but that did not work.  I met 3 wonderful sisters who gave me joke all day – they each had their Head Wrapped by me and left the event as Nubia Empresses.

 The time went really quickly when you’re having fun and at the end of the evening we were all relaxed and glowing.

blessings – Sister E

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