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Neem Power

The Power of Hugs
When was the last time you gave someone a hug? An affectionate form of hand shaking. Well for the past 2 months that may not be the case because of social distancing and intimate touching in public. I met a friend last week and when we saw each other we hesitated to hug. We joked and did a virtual hug instead.

During a hug a chemical called oxytocin is released that makes us feel warm inside and promotes feelings of trust, nurturing and calmness. This is also the case of Hugging a tree. Tree hugging has been shown to soothe and strengthen body and mind. Especially on a spiritual and energetic level as being with nature can evolve to a higher state of consciousness.

(hugging a Neem Tree)

The Power of Neem

“Please wait under the Neem Tree” – I was told during my stay in Tamale, Northern Region, Ghana in 2009. Curiosity to know more about the tree I was told the leaves are used to treat fever especially malaria. That was my into to the Wonder Tree that is grown in the tropical climates were all parts are used in traditional medicine – leaf , bark, seeds, root, flower, fruit.

Since then I have been drinking as a tea and chewing the leaves as part of my wellbeing ritual to increase immunity. I sometimes add to leaves to smoothies, use in home-made toothpaste.
I occasionally use Neem Oil from @skingourmetgh on my arms and feet at night – very potent but it’s not for vanity ooooo.

Medicinal Benefits of Neem.
Detoxify the body
Treatment of skin ailments
Dental hygiene
Reduces fever and malaria symptoms
Controls blood sugar
Combats dandruff and strengthens hair
Increase blood circulation
Aids digestive problems

Did you know you can soak neem in a barrel of water for 7 days and spray on plants as a non toxic pesticide. 

In the UK I purchased costly neem leaves but now in Ghana I am blessed with an abundance of Neem Trees lined up along the roadsides where one can pick freshly each week.

Can you endure the bitter neem taste?
Have you experienced hugging a tree?

Bless Sister E

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