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October 23, 2011
Afro Comb Day
May 2, 2012


Natural November

I was honoured to be asked by Debrose founder of Natural November! to present a headwrap workshop. Although the workshop was only for one hour I was impressed by the enthusiam of all participants to lean quick,  style creations, and how they enjoyed the workshop.


The African Centre turned into a true African  market on a Sunday – with stall vendors and exhibitors displaying their entrepreneurship of home-made products, artwork, apparell, accessories, adornments, books, mosaic, natural juices. Its was great catching up with Ebony of  Naturally Sexy, The Hairoine, Belinda of BeUnique,  Zola & Kepani of Greenshack Productions, Naturally Nubian, Proud to be African Clothing, Synergy Soul Designs, Qemamu and many more. I also made some new friends who had their stall – Kawaii Adornment – next to me – they gave me jokes throughout the event that helped me with my energy levels, cos i was so tired.  Thanks to all supporters who purchased shea butter and headwraps and to the sisters who i met at The headwrap workshop at Battersea Library during BHM who each bought an African Print Bag.



At each end of the main hall were seminars on  wholistic health, body or hair care, hair braiding, which were informative and educational from professional speakers throughout the whole day back to back.  Although I was busy with the stall, I did eventurally get to hear some of Leah Salmon Wholefoods and Nature presentation, inspired words about our lifestyle and  how she began her raw food journey. The venue was jam packed as visitors  congregated and squeezed into a space at each end of the hall to listen to the main speakers.

There always come a time when the curtains  have to close and I walked out of the African Centre slowly ‘cos my foot was burning from standing for 7hrs (why didnt i stay sitting on the chair).


Big warm blessing to Debrose on her efforts to make her first event a successful one. Look forward to Natural November 2012

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