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June 12, 2020
October 18, 2020

Mountain Walk

Very nice views at night time when you are in a car, but who thought that I would challenge myself to join the I have walked up the mountain’ crew in the early hours of Saturday morning – well certainly not me. Setting off with walking buddie Winifred from Ayi Mensah toll booth approx. 8:30am (well we ideally were aiming for 6am – lol) and reached Peduase Tavern the destination point to join other walkers about 1.5 hours later.

Aburi mountains is located in Akuapim the Eastern Region of Ghana which is known for scenery, greenery, fresh air, rain and botanical gardens. Driving along the bendy roads up the mountain, I have been seeing people walking up and down for the past 12 years, thinking to myself they must live off one of the bendy lanes. Not realising they are solo walkers or belong to a walking club.

The majority of people passing us were descending and shouting out words of encouragement – ‘you are almost there’, ‘keep going‘, don’t give up’. It was great to see different age groups of men, women and children sported out.

Every so often or at a bend you would come across a billboard with a motivational quote and the total number of steps taken. I am a advocate of affirmation, quotes and proverbs that are part of my daily meditation.


We strolled for the duration of the walk, although Winnie did do some speed walking and small small running. But we stopped lots of times to admire the scenery views and posing for photos, with the odd stretch along the way. We encouraged each other with banter like we were in the army – but it was fun. There was palm wine joints along the route. I have had the best palm wine from Aburi – but of course on this occassion I resisted.

Mission Accomplished
Yes we did it – the finish line – well drinking spot Tavern Lodge. Trust me I was sweating also.

Tavern Lodge
 I slumped on a chair at Tavern Lodge feeling very thirsty after walking up the mountain path. This is where I gulped down my water whilst watching some dance entertainment by Ike Gym members. Also caught up with friend Toyin who I have not seen in a long time. She had taken the hikers route – which was harder, muddier road, but with great views. We grabbed a bite to eat at Aruba hotel restaurant before heading back to Accra. By this time it had started to rain. 

Can you imagine, originally I thought we were climbing to Aburi Botanical gardens which was another 4miles –  1.5 hours walk,. But was I glad that it was only to Peduase area. We agreed that next time we should walk a little further. The next day my body was feeling some aches in my legs. 

Will I do it again? – of course – but this time with proper trainers.
Bless Sister E (Naa Dzamah

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