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October 3, 2012
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January 1, 2013

Lovers Rock Monologues


On Thursday 25th October after work I went to the Bernie Grant Art Centre in Tottenham with one of my best friends to watch the Lovers Rock Monologues performed by Carroll Thompson, Janet Kay and Victor Romeo Evans.  We managed to sit comfortably in a packed venue at 3 rows from the front of the stage which was set with sofas, coffee tables and a background drop that had 2 different images showing past and present pictures of the artists. The music was played live by a 3 piece band of musicians.

The artists performed a showcase full of memories on the night, with stories of growing up during the Lovers Rock era of the 1970’s. They interacted with the audience and sang their best selling hits between them and also some cover versions. Within the audiance heads were bopping and those who couldn’t restrain themselves from singing joined in and even danced between the aisles. 

Victor was famous for his song ‘At the Club’ (1981)

Janet Kay is known for her song ‘Silly Games’ (1979) which was the first reggae song to reach the uk No 2 spot and entered in the Guiness Book of Records for doing so. Carol Thompson is known for singing tracks from her album ‘Hopelessly In Love’ (1981) which has won her awards for best song and female performer. I remember dancing and screeching to Lovers Rock music at parties and clubs and also one of my elder brothers had the album in his record collection (that i was not allowed to touch).


 It was a brilliant  performance and after the show we joined others in a tight space in the foyer area to take pictures of the artists. At the end of the show I was introduced to reggae singers/songwriters Peter Hunningale who sang ‘Be My Lady’ (1987), Winston Reedy who was best know for his song ‘Dim The Lights’ (1983) and Paul Dawkins – ‘To Love Someone’

I also met  Judith Jacobs who starred in the black comedy show The Real McKoy and also in No Problem alongside Janet Kay and Victor R. Evans. She also stared in Angels, Eastenders, The Bill, Holby City to name a few. No Problem was created by the Black Theatre Co-orperative and aired on C4 between 1983-1985 that focused on The Powell family and friends living in Willesden. In 2012 Judith launched the Yabba Yabba Show which is an evening of performance and chat.

 The whole evening was entertaining – here are a few utube clips of the artists to take you back down memory lane 


A true Lovers Rock Monologue Blessings Sister E

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