Kitchen Treasures – Review
May 20, 2012
Kitchen Treasures Workshop
September 6, 2014

Kitchen Treasures

On Saturday March 23rd with the assistance of friends to also share their natural concoctions to 12 guests we delivered the Hair/Skin Care Workshop/Presentation. During the week I pre measured ingredients and organised handouts and enough jars, utensils and oils, butters, herbs, salts and accompanying products for everyone. At the morning of the workshop I received several calls from people who wanted to participate which is always a good sign that there are interested people for future workshops. Everyone was given a Kitchen Treasures pamphlet where they were able to write notes about each presentation and workshop. At this workshop I was happy to have on the team: Lola, Afiya and Ska who have presented at previous workshops with me and I was glad to be joined by Kemi.

Facial Scrubs
I started the workshop by explaining one of my simple facial routines of a scrub made with oats, brown sugar, honey and olive oil – good enough to eat.


Aloe Vera
I introduced Ska who runs her own business using the Forever Living model and she presented the benefits of Aloe Vera and how the products have benefited her. Within the range there are so many different products from toothpaste, lip balm, conditioner, moisturisers, washing liquids, healing creams and more.


Shea Butter
As an importer of shea butter and make and sell shea moisturisers I gave a presentation of the Shea Butter process which I have been fortunate to witness several times on my trips to Shea Butter farms in Tamale – Northern Ghana. I showed the shea nuts to the guests which many had never seen before and now respect the hard work the women do on the farms. They made a mix of Shea Butter, using either almond oil or sunflower oil as a base, then added an essential oil for added aroma. Although I had whipped the shea butter a few days before for about only 5 mins the consistency was still quite solid, but as soon as the oils where added it became easier to blend.


Top 10 Ingredients & Clays
The next presenter was Lola aka Lola Curls, she has been transitioning from having relaxed afro hair to retaining her natural hair. During her hair transitional journey she has tried and tested many natural based products, creams, butters and oils. Through her research she was able to formulate a Top 10 ingredients listing and their benefits for healthy hair/skin. She also delivered a detailed presentation about Bentonite and Raussell clay which has many deep conditioning properties for hair and skin


During the break we had some light snacks and refreshments and the guests networked with the presenters who were able to continue to answer questions.

Natural Hair Remover
Kemi gave a presentation on natural ways of removing unwanted hair and thereafter demonstrated with a ready made batch of hair remover which consisted of brown sugar, lemon and water which she had previously mixed together over heat for at least 20mins. It looked like sticky toffee and smelt really nice. She took a bit of the mixture and rolled it between her fingers. We all gathered round to get a closer view of Kemi demonstrating the hair removal action on a part of her leg – and yes it really worked. Thereafter Kemi demonstrated the method of threading on a guests arm which I have never seen before and it was amazing to watch how skilful the technique is.


Dead Sea Salt Scrub:
I had found some really nice glass jars with colourful lids that I measured at least 2 tablespoons of Dead Sea Salt. the salt has at least 23 mineral benefits. The guests had a choice of oils such as peppermint, lavender, avocado, almond, and coconut to add to their salt scrub, essential oils for added aroma and topped with rose petals to create a beauty exfoliate scrub.

Herbal Rinses: Afiya who’s business is called Livity Herbs gave a brilliant presentation and outlined the benefits of herbs  as natural remedies to stimulate hair growth, reduce hair loss and strengthen roots. The guests were given 4 herbs – horsetail, chickweed, nettle and rosewood which they infused into sunflower oil and was asked to store on a window sill for 2 weeks before usage. They were given clear instructions on how to make a herbal hair oil, infused tea rinse and avinegar rinse. She is a wellbeing consultant, herbalist  and sells a herbal range, soaps, moisturisers and African apparel.


At the end of the workshop was a competition where I asked the guests to describe products, ingredients and brand it. There were 3 winners who each received a Shea Body Smother of; Frankincense & Myrrh, Lemongrass or Cinnamon & Nutmeg.

Although it was a cold day and snow began to fall which made the room also cold. But we braved the weather and enjoyed the day as kitchen mixtresses and everyone went home with a bag of goodies that they had made.

Oatmeal Facial scrub
Shea Moisturisers that give a warming glow
Deep Clay Conditioner
Dead Sea Salt scrub for exfoliating
Herbal Rinse that give life to your crowning glory

Appreciation: I would like to give thanks for the support of Felicity who captured the event on film, all the workshop presenters, guests and Jennifer of Akhaya Cookery School for providing a perfect space to conduct the Kitchen Treasures workshop.

I make my own skin care products for sale and am also a ‘kitchen mixtress’ that uses many ingredients and products from my kitchen and bathroom cupboards. I enjoy sharing my skin or hair care routines with other people thats why I started organising The Kitchen Treasures from Natures Pleasures Workshops/Presentation.

To avoid missing the next workshop, ensure your name & email address are on our mailing list. Check regular on our website for up and coming Workshop, Presentations and

Give thanks – Sister E



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