HAIR/SKIN CARE -Workshop Review
July 30, 2011
Kitchen Treasures
April 19, 2013

Kitchen Treasures – Review



After rushing around for a few weeks to ensure I had all the ingredients the day had finally come April 29, struggling down the stairs with heavy bags as if I have done shopping for the month. The ingredients and utensils where spread out over one large table, as if we were going to have a feast.

The guests made use of the notebook that I only devised the night before with each page representing each workshop. In addition guests were given info leaflets about their presentation.

The group seemed quieter than the previous workshop, paying deep attention to the presenters and focusing on following the instructions so that they could get the right consistency. To get the guest warmed up I started with the honey and oatmeal scrub which was good enough to spread on Hardo bread.

Next the top 10 ingredients were lined up so that Lola Curls ( could explain each benefit in full view – with the first of course being Water. She even had panthenol which I have never seen or used before. Panthenol is derived from vitamin B5, it is found in shampoos and conditioners as it is good for hair repair and retaining moisturiser. Lola loves Rhassaul Clay but I have never used it before, so she gave me some to try  – but I have used Bentonite clay.

10 ten ingredients

I was delighted to have on board Afiya who wowed us with Herbal infusions of chickweed, nettle, lavender and horsetail. If you had not of known what to do with herbs before apart from cooking with them  – then here is an addition.   When I got home I put my herbal infusion rinse on the window sill – waiting for the sunshine (typical British summer) to change the compositions so that I can use as a hair rinse.



The loverly Ska has been a distributor of Forever Living products for many years and her passion for aloe vera showed in her presentation, as we found out that there are so benefits and uses. She even had a competition – but i had not chance in winning as I forgot to give her my comp slip. But I was giving some of the aloe toothpaste which is very nice and u don’t have to use too much – so will definately be ordering some more.

Naprika Stacey delivered Henna and we turned into mixtresses, I didn’t know that there were so many different types and you had to be careful to ensure that they were BAQ (body art quality). Hope I don’t have to wait for Naprika to start her own mobile Henna Business before I try my first Henna experience. Naprika has various utube videos about Henna – check out utube review of her first KT experience.

After making several more products such as Shea moisturisers, salt scubs and faccial masks it was coming towards the end of the day – so onto Competition time.

This time we had 3 winners for the competition – because at the last workshop there were so many good branding and creative descriptions – that I still have the papers– and NO it was not a fix – but Crystal Afro ( )seems to have a stream of luck at events lately as one of the winners of the Shea Body Smothers.


All the presenters delivered outstanding instructions and information about their subject. It was truly a School of Natural Education– it was a long day but the sun came out as we were leaving.

We only have up to 15  guest for the workshops – so if your interested in the next Kitchen Treasures organised then please email

NB: our kitchen Treasures workshop is designed for people to intake knowledge and have fun –  we do not say that our mixtures are cures or potions. We always inform our guests that they should try a sample size on their skin/hair first before making a large quantity.



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