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August 21, 2015
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March 18, 2016

Kitchen Treasures

On Monday I was asked by the College of North West London to deliver a Kitchen Treasures workshop as part of Black History Month.
KT NW college 2015 (1)
KT NW college 2015 (3)
It was also a great opportunity to wear my apron that I made at Akuah Rites of Passage Programme. I even had a piece of material left over for a head wrap.
KT NW college 2015 10
Facial Masks

KT NW college 2015 (7)

Dead Sea Salt Scrubs

KT NW college 2015 (14)

The young students showed enthusiasm and asked so many questions as they said they had never done anything like this before and were facinated about the process of shea butter that local village women in Ghana make.

KT NW college 2015 (4)

KT NW college 2015 (11)
After a few hours they had made exfoliating salt scrubs, blended shea butter moisturiser and a oat facial mask.

KT NW college 2015 (15)

One of the staff members tested a sample of my shea body smother and he surprised me and said that he had seen them for sale inย  Pempamsie in Brixton.

bless Sister E

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