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August 28, 2018
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October 20, 2018

Jollof Festival

The Jollof festival took place on 1st September in Memory Lane Park, Accra.

Well I am not going to get into which country makes the best Jollof rice – as today it was all about Ghana Jollof. The sponsors where Tasty Toms – who are known for their advert with the catch phrase ‘more Jollof’.
Although the weather was cloudy with small rain the park was very beautiful with the settings of a cooking workstation, vendors, soft colourful seating, large lit stage and DJ quarters. (image)

I was impressed of the cooking section set up. There were 6 enthusiastic women competitors who entered the cooking competition. Chopping, frying and stirring – concentrating on their pots like professionals. They also added protein and accompanying side dishes with the Jollof such as meat, plantain, salad.
The men’s segment only had 4 men cookers – (even one was Caucasian).

There was plenty of food – I ate the coconut Jollof rice – but to me it just tasted like Jollof – no sign of coconut on my taste buds. I am going to have to make my own version. I don’t usually tend to order Jollof rice when I go out as I don’t know if the chef has added meat or meat stock. But it’s cool as I’m not a rice fanatic.

Of course, there was the usual local drinks – Sobolo, palm wine amongst natural juices and alcohol. It was good to see Tea Baa – but by the time I wanted a drink they had sold out except for the peppermint ice tea.
T-shirts with quotesJollof stole my heart‘, and I love Jollof, board games, table football, face painting.

It was great to see a live band playing instead of just a DJ – although the DJ was playing some tunes. The singer belting out reggae and MJ songs – however there are some songs that you would rather listen to the original. Late afternoon they had entertainment from Eddie Khae, Ria Boss, Susan August.

Great vibes throughout the day and chilling with friends until the late evening – reminiscing on the days event.

Until next year – ‘More Jollof’.

bless Sister E

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