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April 25, 2021
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Jamaica Village

A mid-morning Sunday road trip from town to village – from hustle to calmness, from flat to mountain – Where am I going? – yep me gwaan to Jamaica. Well that’s what I told myself all week, and I don’t need to board a 9 hour journey flight. Just a regular trotro from Medina to Adrukrom (8.5 cedis – £1) then shared taxi (15 cedis – £2) to Apirede, all within 2 hours. Sounds simple – well it was.

De Reel Jamaica Village Sinting happens monthly in Apirede a town in Akuapem North – Eastern region of Ghana. Operating for the past 3 years by Jamaican couple Sister Makeda and husband who returned to Ghana 15 years ago.

The food is ital and vital where you can line your stomach for a plate at just 35 cedis. The selection of juice quenched my thirst – I first had a combination of Noni, Pineapple and Ginger – although noni isn’t nice by its self but with this combination it was delicious. Also available were Caribbean sweet delights such as chocolate cake, bun, gizzada, bulla cake and ackee, lentils or vegetable patties. I took 3 patties home to chop the next day – but that plan went out the window as soon as I got home that night I ate 2.

With the sweet background of reggae music, lay back vibes, dominos, choppin, sipping, connecting – it was a fun day. I chilled with a group of brothers and sisters many who were part of the Caribbean Association of Ghana. They were playing a trivial card game with questions about Jamaican history. It was funny to listen to them reasoning and I learnt a bit about Jamaican history.
Did you know Barrington Irving a Jamaican (born 1983) previously held the record for the youngest and first black person to pilot a plane solo around the world solo in 2007.

It was great to catch up with Selina, Angie, Caprice, Naomi, Neville and establish new acquaintances from UK now living in Ghana.

Surrounded by lush greenery, plants, herbs, citronella, cotton and fruit trees such as breadfruit, cocoa, ackee, orange, plum, and many more of nature’s pleasures. It was the first time I saw an orange tree with branches so low.

There was a giant cactus know as a tuna plant. It produces a gel that acts as a moisturiser to treat hair and skin conditions. Also used as herbal and old time juice remedies from Jamaica.

Jamaica is on my bucket list – and there has been a few pilot flights from Nigeria/Ghana to Jamaica, but at present I heard these flights are on hold. But the future plans are to visit Jamaica – because Im tired of hearing – ‘Dis jus like Jamaica’ from other people.

Jamaica ‘me soon com’

Sister E (Naa Dzamah)

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  1. Maku says:

    Hi Sis,
    My name is Maku, I’m a black American who is married to a Ghanaian for the past 30 years. We finally retired and finished our house in Ghana. I’m finally home. Let me not digress, I live in East Legon, and on occasions, I rent my guesthouse to Blacks who are looking for an affordable short-term place to rent while visiting Ghana. I currently have the honor of hosting a gentleman who is from Jamaica and has been following YouTube videos pertaining to the Jamaica Villiage in Ghana. He is excited to be in Ghana and is anxious to visit the Jamaica Villiage. I am unfamiliar with the village and was wondering if you could provide some guidance as to how to get to the Jamaica Villiage?

    • SisterE says:

      Greetings and congratulations on your Ghana journey. JA village is located in a town called Apirede, Eastern Region (about 2hrs drive). From Medina station take a trotro to Adukrom (last stop). Then take a taxi to Apirede (10-15 cedis). ask for Jamaica Village. Many of the taxi drivers know the place. JA Sinting takes place on a weekend at the end of each month. I will email you a contact number.

  2. Shantel says:

    This blog post just describe MY HEAVEN!

  3. Corlyn Pinkney says:

    Hi I Am interested in visiting Ghana, and thinking of buying a piece of land. Any ideas and encouragement you have to share with me.


  4. Corlyn Pinkney says:

    Hi as to my previous email above, I am a Jamaican, have reach a stage in my life of wanting to spread my wings somewhere else, and Ghana seems to be the place that interest me at the moment. I have no friends or family there, but know that my roots is there. I would like for someone who is already establish there to guide me as to places in Ghana that Jamaicans are locating, places that lands are available for sale, and where there is a sense of community to feel welcome.

    Awaiting your response.


    • SisterE says:

      Greetings Corlyn
      There are brothers and sisters from the Caribbean who have settled within many of the 16 regions of Ghana (especially Eastern Region, Volta and Greater Accra) – Where land is available in abundance. But So my first suggestion before making any commitment is to come and visit Ghana several times, speak to settled individuals and members of Caribbean Society of Ghana. I shall email details.

      • Corlyn Pinkney says:

        Please send me details and thank you so much for your response. I’d have to do air BNB so info on places of comfort to stay would be great to know. Much love and blessings to you all.

  5. Nrgy (energy) says:

    Greetings SisterE,
    I would first like to thank you for creating this platform of information and communication.
    My family and I have just entered the motherland 2 weeks ago with intentions of repatriation. We lived in Canada most of our lives but our roots are Jamaican. I am hoping for your assistance in locating the Jamaican community here in Ghana in hope of connectivity. Also, I would like to know the types of national food they may be cultivating on the land for purchase that we in the jamaican community are familiar with.
    I’m looking forward to hearing from you at your available.

    Meda ase,


  6. Adynton's Child says:

    Great to see this forum. I will be visiting Ghana and would love to visit Jamaica Village. I am providing my email, so as to establish a link.

    • Pamela Taylor says:

      Hi corlyn

      It’s wonderful to see there is a forum that your able to seek answers on .
      My situation is I was born in the UK by 2 jamaican born parents they came to England in the 1960,s,
      I plan to visit ghana very soon my daughter has visited 3 years ago and swears I would love it there .
      I’m looking to retire to a warmer climate with people that look like me ,but need more information on how I can achieved this .
      I look forward to hearing from you
      Blessings to you

      • SisterE says:

        Greetings (this is Naa Dzamah (Sister E) of The Calabash Hub
        Its great that your daughter has visited Ghana. There are 16 regions in Ghana that offer different aspects of the Ghanaian culture. The only way to test the water is coming to Ghana several times, interact with the locals, travel to several regions, speak to Diaspora networks. Don’t read into too much of personal stories, everyone has a different tale of their journey and you will too.

        wish you look in finding your feet in the Motherland.

        bless Sister E

  7. Amdi Borquaye Dorsett says:

    Greetings Please can you say which is the best day to visit, Saturday or Sunday?

    Thank You Amdi.

    • SisterE says:

      Good day,
      I attended on a Sunday. But it is best to contact the owners before planning to go, just incase there is a special event or weekend timetable has changed.

  8. Michael says:

    Hi Carolyn,

    Great to see that we’re working together for the benefits of our people. I too am looking to visit Ghana and would like to learn more about the Eastern region and the Volta where some of our sisters and brothers have settled. Any information on places to stay organisation’s to make contact with etc would be greatly appreciated.

    • SisterE says:

      Good day Michael
      This is Naa Dzamah (Sister E)
      The Eastern and Volta Region are vast in landscape, culture and places of interest. I have been to Akosombo, Aburi and surrounding towns, waterfalls, cocoa farm in the Eastern Region. In the Volta region I have only visited a few villages and Wli Waterfall, but there is ample info online regarding both region of best places to stay and things to do.

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