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August 6, 2022
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Homowo Festival 2022

During the month of August the Homowo Festival is celebrated within the Ga states in Greater Accra in remembrance of the famine. Homowo literally means hooting at hunger (Homo – hunger, wo – hoot). Please see previous blogs for full details about Homowo Festival and Kpokpoi

Homowo Festival commenced with Lante Dzan We and Tema area. Then the Ga Mashi people, with a festival in James Town. Thereafter dates set for La, Osu, Teshi, Prampram, Ningo and Kpone areas. The dates are set by the Ga Traditional council.

I usually attend the Ga Mashi Homowo festival quite late in the afternoon mainly to celebrate with the Sempe people, follow the crowd and settle somewhere to eat Kpokpoi. This year I attended early and was invited by Naa Okailey Adjoobo (Taifa Manye under the Gbese Divisional Stool led by his majesty the Gbese Mantse, Nii (Dr) Ayi-Bonte II 

Shooting of muskets and large crowds hooting, singing, clapping and cheering, drumming as we celebrate together and honouring the Mantse chief. 

(Female Asafoanye warrior)

Inside the palace the Gbese Mantse takes his position on his throne alongside members of Gbese house. 

The festival food Kpokpoi, palm soup, is positioned in the room and libation is poured, prayers sited and food blessed. This food is then sprinkled throughout the street, royal family and clan for the feeding to the Ancestors.

The vice president of Ghana Mahamudu Bawumia graced his presence inside the Gbese palace and honoured our cultural tradition.

Wearing of the colour red is symbolic to Homowo Festival as it signifies the overcoming of hunger, that we have fought hunger. Although I had a red lace dress made it was not in my possession, so wore plan B. I may wear the lace dress to Osu or La Homowo and ensure I chop Kpokpoi and Palm Soup.

Afi oo Afi
bless Sister E

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