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September 21, 2012
More Than Hair
September 26, 2012

Holiday Head Wrap Moments


During my holiday in June to St Martin I regular went to the town Marigot local shops and whilst browsing I came across bundles of material. I wanted to buy the traditional print called madras fabric which slightly represents a kente pattern.

 The origins of the Madras lie in the pre-emancipation days of former colonised French Caribbean islands. Beginning in the late 17th century, African slaves on the island were forced to wear plain clothes but during Sundays and special festival occasions they could normally wear what they desired and used the little earned monies to buy colourful cloth. The traditional clothing of theses islands consists of head wraps, long frilly dresses and certain clothes called the Creole dress.


In the shop there were many madras fabrics to choose from. I also could not resist buying some other fabrics to add to my Head Wrap collection. The price was reasonable only 3 Euro per metre.

I was also met with Oh la la – this was a first because usually in London I get ‘Gwan my African Empress or Nubian Sistah’ – well I was on a French speaking Island ( read my ‘Holiday – Lets Celebrate’ blog post)

Yellow Mellow on the veranda – one bantu knot


 Green Scene on the rocks – on the rocks at the ruins of St Louis Fort

Light White on the beach – I used my sorong to do twirl two bantu knots

 With my wonderful head wrap moments – I only wish that I had purchased more material

aaaaaah Next time!

Sister E

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