Days For Girls
November 26, 2018
Vision Board Party
January 23, 2019

Highlights of 2018

I have learnt from looking back but I always enjoy looking forward – however  the past is what has shaped me for today  – so I give thanks to all who have supported me on my everlasting journey. 

There have been many joyous highlights in 2018 – here are a few – some have been written about in my blog and some are memories.

JANUARY – Goodluck Gathering



APRIL –  Sisterhood Matters

MAY – Project Research
JUNE – Earthstrong Blessing

JULY – Celebrate

AUGUST – Chale lets go

Power for our people


OCTOBER – Word, Sound, Power

NOVEMBER – Cultural Experience

DECEMBER – Creative Digital Spaces

So the journey continues – Back to our roots
bless Sister E

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