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December 6, 2022
Benin Adventure
January 20, 2023

Highlights 2022

I give thanks for continuous blessing of each day in the motherland. Although the year did not start with joyous news, but with the strength of inner self, spirituality and support system the continuous cycle of healing, celebrating and living life a purpose  kept me uplifted. I live on the principals of balance and self-care is key and expected the unexpected. I have encountered so many highlights – but here are a few.  (Each month is also written in the Ga dialect)

JANUARY – Aharabata

(New Year Day)

FEBRUARY – Oflɔ(Robs 60th Earthday Celebration)

MARCH – Otsokrikri

(Ghanaversary 4 Years)

APRIL – Abɛibe

(Vegan Cheese Cake)

MAY – Agbiɛnaa
(Life is a Beach)

JUNE – Otukwajaŋ

(Earthday – Nigeria)

JULY – Maawɛ
(Sports kit donation for Okurase School)

AUGUST – Manyawale

(Homowo Festival)


(Sisterhood 1st Year Anniversary)


(Vision Board Workshop)


(Wakanda Forever)


(Detty December)

Afihyia Pa
bless Sister E

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