Africa on the Square
October 11, 2015
Exhibition Visits
January 10, 2016

Happy New Beginnings

            Greetings. Here are some of the highlights for 2015. It has been a busy but joyous venture full of business, networking and creativity as well as fun, sea and smiles. Give thanks for all who have supported me throughout and have been a great stepping stone helping me towards achieving goals and aspirations for self and The Calabash Hub.

January – Presentation on Ghana in Leicester
Leicester Presentation (10)

February – Ascension Awakening Session
Ascension Awakening

March – Day of the Goddess
DOTG 2015 (9)

April – Kitchen Treasures Workshop
Kitchen Treasures April 2015 (31)
May – Headwrap Workshop – Amsterdam
amsterdam 2015 (36)

June – Earthstong in Morocco
Morocco day4 (8)
July – Headwrap Workshop – Norwood School
Norwood School Head Wrapping (10)
August – Storytelling Festival – Essex
storytelling festival 3
September – Akuah Rites of Passage Programme
October – BAFTA Awards
back2black bafta (10)
November – Ghana Cultural Experience
December – Kwanzaa Umoja Celebrations

Kwanzaa smile (1)

 Wishing all my friends, family, acquaintances, customers and supporters ‘Happy New Beginnings’ for 2016
bless – Sister E

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