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October 26, 2014
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May 28, 2015

Hair Diversity Research Project



Some of you who attended Uzima Expo 2014 in July would have witnessed a tremendous presentation from Tina Lasisi called The Evolution of Afro Hair.

tina lasisi

In addition to gaining a master degree in Biological Anthropology, Tina will be carryout additional research for her Phd.  She has been offered a PhD position in Cambridge, but no funding, and has applied to two American universities (Harvard and Penn State) as the professors there are keen to work with her on this project which also come with high application and exam fees.

The GOOD NEWS is that the first target has been reached £1000 plus  via crowd funding as part of her financial income towards education admission fees, interviews etc.  At present she is trying hard to  get as many sponsors as possible in the next few days so  that she can show to the funding committees that people are dedicated to this  project. If she manages to raise an additional 1000-2000, then she could use this for field work/sample collection in multiple regions of Africa so that she can  finally have the scientific evidence to argue against all those who homogenise Africans.

 check out her updated utube video for further information on how you can sponsor


This is the Human Hair Diversity Facebook Page for the project – like to follow:

And this is the official website with more information on the study and my motivation for doing this research:

Last, but not least on Twitter ( or Tumblr (http://miscellaneousanthropology.tumb…)

Many thanks for your support
Bless Sister E

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