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Green Eats

Looking for a healthy lunch time treat in Accra – and not just with your typical lettuce, carrot and cucumber – then Green Eats is your answer. Salads are no longer a side dish or dressing looking lonely beside the main meal.

Treating myself is not just about cake and ice cream. I have heard about Green Eats for a few years, but it slipped my mind – so without hesitation I met a friend for lunch at Green Eats.

Green Eats is located in Nyaniba Estate in Osu. A small eatery tucked away under beautiful greenery.  After entering a small yard space you walk inside to a functional work space with a corner eating area.

Despite the name Green Eats – it is packed with a wide selection of salad options, toppings and garnishes to choose – offering a make your own salad away from home concept with not just vegetables but meat also – you are spoilt for choice. Check out the menu for sandwiches, smoothies, vegan desserts and breakfast.

What I ate
Vegetarian Wrap
: cucumber, cherry tomato, mushroom, carrots, coriander, quinoa, cheese, pickles, jalapeno pepper, bell pepper, olive.

10/10 delicious, filling and satisfying.  I could eat this everyday – seriously.

Berry Antioxidant Smoothie: beetroot, baobab powder, watermelon, lemon, pineapple, and berries.

The selection of ingredients reminds me of the creative salads I used to make when living in UK. But in Accra you need to know where to purchase a variety of cost effective salad ingredients.  Just thinking if I lived nearby, this would be one of my go to lunch spots. – but they do deliver.

Green Eats Salad Bar, 36 Osu La Crescent, Nyaniba Estate Park, 026 787 8264
Open Mon – Sat 9am – 6pm,

Bless Sister E


Meet the owner of Green Eats

Brief background
My name is Dave, Ghanaian born, grew up in New York and re connected with Ghanaian roots when my Mum wanted to leave the USA. So back to Ghana in 2013, had a beautiful 5-year marriage and within that time opened Green Eats since 2017.

How did the idea of Green Eats surface?
I was always having a hard time finding nourishing foods and drinks.  It kept pulling at me and I decided to open a fully operational salad bar with the works to offer functional organic foods and made tasty with all natural ingredients.

Why name Green Eats?
I eat plant based, closer to alkaline (but I cheat a lot with some pastries). Green Eats make eating healthy taste delicious. Fast and fresh daily.  Where healthy functional foods made tasty to appeal to and awaken all your senses.

How do you access good ingredients?
Good ingredients are available, but you have to chase them yourself if you don’t want to be disappointed and left making excuses. We have over 70 different toppings to add to your salad. I chase each one of those ingredients myself or I’ll be left holding the ball and making excuse for people.  The more branches of Green Eats that open things will become easier. Then certain systems will make sense to be put into place.

What is your highlights of success?
We can boast a 99% repeat customer.  Our following is steadily growing and promoting leads to increased activity consistently.

What do customers say?
They want a bigger space for dine in and outdoor seating.  They want more branches.

Do you have a best seller?
Our avocado toasts are legendary. So are our smoothies. Spicy shrimp salad, Love Box salad, Royal Caesar and ménage a trois salads are a top favourite.

What are your future aspirations?
I’d love to see Green Eats expand with branches and own whatever real estate we operate from (learnt that from McDonald’s )

Hobbies and interests
I love plants and learning about medicinal plants, herbs and roots. I love learning, reading, researching and digging. I love animals and everything nature and green.

How can you be contacted?
IG: greeneatsgh

Twitter: @Greeneatsgh
FB: greeneatsgh
Tele: (00233) 026 787 8264

Green Eats Salad Bar

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