Meet and Greet 2020
February 13, 2020
Earthstrong Kumasi 2020
July 2, 2020


So where has the time gone? It has been 2 years since I moved back home to Ghana (March 14th 2018). So glad I stuck to the vision, plan and comitment.

I’m really embracing the journey – especially pure sun worshipping, family connections, Accra life, melanated energy, social life and networking. Giving thanks to the new village and sisterhood support. I remember saying whilst in London – “whatever fits inside 5 barrels that’s what I’m taking”. Even when the delivery men arrived they were convincing me to pack more items as repack some items to make more room.

I often get asked what do I miss about London. Well the main things are:
Long time friendships
Convenience stalls
Variety of fruit, nuts & veg
My Car
Internet broadband package

But at the same time there are sooooo many things I enjoy about being in Ghana – apart from what I mentioned at the beginning. I enjoy chopping the local food in a local spot – especially banku, kontomire stew and hot pepper – and deffinately the fresh palm wine at Pallet Kitchen in Osu and in the mountains of Aburi in the Eastern region.

Its so nice not being on the plantation and to be flexible when I wish to work, blog and what time I wish to rise. Although I attend social and networking events which is were I’ve met many wonderful people from Ghana and other African countries – which has inspired me to want to travel the continent. I have also loved going to the beach to chill in a quiet spot, listening to the ocean, quenching natural juice, daydreaming and give thanks for the journey.

So what shall I do over the next year?
Do I plan –ย  go with the flow – or live for the moment.

Bless Sisterย 

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